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Tragus Piercing - all healed well.

Upon getting my tragus piercing, I had no idea what to expect. I had done no research on the piercing, and aside from thinking it was absolutely gorgeous on others, I had no idea about its pain level, or healing process. Even so, I was ecstatic to get this new piercing, and excitedly awaited the needle. I had a few problems with the piercing after due to my lack of knowledge, however, as soon as I knew what I was doing, all healed well! With this, I recommend doing this research. Though I must say, this impromptu piercing was one of my best (and favorite) decisions.

I had gone to Quillian piercing parlor wanting a 2 third lobe holes. My friend was getting her Monroe shortened, and I accompanied her just to get a little work done. I signed the papers, and was in the seat when I found out they only pierced in gauges. That was not at all what I wanted for my little delicate third hole. But, I was already there, so instead of leaving and "chickening out"... I worked up the courage to get my long-awaited tragus piercing - a piercing of unimaginable sexiness and beauty - the perfect addition to my existing four holes, two in each ear.

I was afraid of the massive amounts of pain I thought I would encounter. I had heard it was the most painful piercing, and I was not looking forward to experiencing such pain for my first time. I chose my right ear, and while holding my friend's hand, braced myself for the pain that would soon ensue. As the artist counted to three, I heard a slight pop, and got the adrenaline rush of a lifetime as my whole body went warm and numb, and the slight bite of pain turned into a full experience of pleasure. Any pain that existed ceased to matter, and I Was overcome with pure ecstasy. I immediately wanted another, but knew my addiction to the pleasure would become overwhelming, so I refrained.

The next few hours, my ear felt bruised. It literally felt like someone had sucker punched me in the whole right ear region of my face. Over the next few days, I could not sleep on my right side, and when my boyfriend at the time kissed me, any little bump to the area would put me in a painful shock. The crust around the piercing was annoying, but I cleaned it painstakingly according to the directions given by my piercing artist. Slowly, I was able to move the piercing back and forth, and over the next few days, side to side through the hole.

The parlor recommended alcohol- but I found later that a saline water solution was the best way to clean my piercing and promote healing. I wish I had known this earlier, as it would have healed much quicker! Over the next few months, I experienced a lot of redness and pain. I often thought it was infected, but it turns out the rubbing alcohol was irritating the open hole, and causing degeneration of the cells. I also found out that moving the piercing causes more damage than good, as every time the piercing is moved during healing, the cells reopen up and thus, are forced to re-heal. No permanent damage done though and all has since healed properly after the given time. That was just a little bump in the road! After 3 months, the piercing had completely healed, and now, over 6 months later, I have a beautiful tragus piercing that I love to play with, and have admired. Quite sexy! Now looking forward to getting a new ring for the holidays - a gold half barbell with a diamond, as opposed to the silver captive bead ring it was pierced with!

I'd very much recommend this piercing to any who are interested and like the look of it. It was my first serious piercing aside from lobes, and I wouldn't change my decision in the least! However, I'd definitely do your research, and make sure you know exactly how to clean and care for the piercing before you get it done. Do not be alarmed with the pain afterward, as it's totally normal! Any rejection or infection should be dealt with before it causes more of a problem, so look it up immediately if you think it may be happening to you! I went right to another parlor when I started having pain - clearly the first I went to was not informed, or failed to inform me, of the proper cleaning practices! Make sure you research your piercing parlor before getting it done, and have an artist who is experienced and knowledgeable about tragus piercings!

Happy to answer any questions regarding the piercing, and best of luck in your search for yours!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2013
in Tragus Piercing

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Studio: Quillian
Location: Allentown%2C+PA

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miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @9:29 p.m.
Hello dear, hope you are doing great, am miss Victoria but my friends call me Vicky i must say this i developed an interest on you immediately i view your profile and you are such a nice person which every human on earth will like to have as a friend and i was moved to let you know. please i will want you to writes on me via my e-mail ([email protected]) i have something very vital in my private life to share with you i will tell you more about my self when you writes back at me on my e-mail box. and you will get my pictures too. i awaits your response; remember love has no boundaries kisses.
Wednesday, April 9, 2014 @7:27 p.m.
Hey there :) I got my tragus done 2 days ago and the lady that pierced it told me to use 2 sprays. The first a hygenic solution spray for the first 2 weeks and then saline solution for 4-6 weeks. She also told me to come back after 2 weeks to change it to a smaller bar. Is the sprays an okay thing to use? I didn't feel anything when I got mine but it started to hurt afterwards. I decided to get it done on my right ear so I haven't been sleeping on that side. I just wanted to check that it is healing the correct way and preferably how long it will heal. :)

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