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Past Linked To Present

Body Modification links us from the past to the present and awakens our vision to the future...

Recently I have made some new awesome friends and reconnected effortlessly with a dear friend at Bodystain, a tattoo and piercing shop in Columbus Ohio located on Cleveland avenue and Morse road intersection. A wonderful visit on Friday December the fourth transpired into an empowering piercing experience that had aspects of both planning and spontaneity which was very cool.

The weekend that was looming over me was scaring the hell out of me as it was to be the nineteenth anniversary of my Dads death. He was a conflicted man who was my Dad but also a perpetrator by omission during my Moms sexual abuse of me when I was small and then the man who used my trust and compassion and family order to sexually assault me. My Mom died before he did and with both of them gone gave me the chance to explore my history and live my story.

Speaking about traumas take the power out of them that they have over us during our existence here on the planet this is what I am choosing to do here with you now. I have had the pleasure of being selected by BME before, you may recognize my name from a skin removal account I wrote of and that was just the tip of the iceberg in my realization about life and my responses to the abuse in my world.

I had been wanting a piercing for awhile now and thought that Friday would be a perfect day, but being of rocky self esteem, I was feeling shy about asking to take time out of her day to do it. The more I sat with my friends chatting about life watching them work and absorbing the beat of the eclectic music playing, I felt my desire grow strong so I asked Sarah if she would pierce my left conch. Her response was eager and smiling and I was not aware of any stress or tension in my body because of her welcoming energy!

It was now the end of the day, and I was to be her last project of that day. She had me settle into her chair in her comfortable relaxing piercing room. As she was setting up her area, we talked and I remembered my many piercing, tattoo, cutting, skin removal and flesh pull experiences they do all have meanings and purposes and I was getting ready to add another to my body. No matter how many piercings I have taken out the marks are still there and you can't take those experiences away from me. How many of you have had an epiphany going from numb to feeling electric before during and after a body modification ? That's what I was going for.

Sarah is a fabulous woman, a self proclaimed gypsy she is a stunning belly dancer exquisite piercer and has a wildly open mind and heart! She marked my cartilage and lined everything up ever so perfectly and removed the ten gauge needle from its sterile pouch, she asked if I was ready, "yes" I responded feeling my excitement building. With the needle ready and with two purposeful breaths the needle was through and the jewelry was in. Painful ? Not at all I am being totally truthful here, a bit of pressure was all I felt. Sarah looked so proud, she had hit both her marks perfectly, she gently cleaned my conch all the while me knowing this was another small step towards the reclamation of my body that did not belong to me for along time.

Hugs all around, then we went about ordering a shorter barbell shaft for the future downsizing of my jewelry. The shop was locked up and we got into our cars and went our separate ways into the evening, I thought that was it, re-entry into the common world. At the very first intersection I felt the tears flowing down my face releasing the pain, grief and confusion about Sunday the sixth of December. Being alone in this world with out a family but being lucky enough to have friends that do care about me and will help me feel my feelings however that may be.

I hope sometime in the future I am granted the opportunity to learn the art and skill of Body Piercing so I can assist folks on their journeys with their bodies. I am already comfortable working with energy as I have been trained as a bodyworker and a licensed massage therapist. Past present and future, we will see...

A warm thank you to Sarah, you are a special healing spirit in this hard numb world we are born into— more piercing experiences to come...YOU ROCK !


submitted by: erika_m__bodnar_bme_anon
on: 27 Jan. 2013
in Conch Piercings

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Artist: Sarah
Studio: Bodystain
Location: Columbus+Ohio

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Thursday, May 2, 2013 @9:28 p.m.
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