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My very nervous scaffold!!

Around the beginning of summer, I was standing with some friends in the social space of our school, chatting about piercing. I had been really wanting a piercing for a long time now. My parents aren't as bad as most. Well, my dad is pretty strict, but my mum is rather liberal. Unfortunately when it comes to piercings, she has her limits. I had been wanting snakebites for about 3 years, but, in typical parental fashion, both parents objected, giving me the whole 'while you live under my roof' lecture. Looks like I was out of luck until I was old enough to get the piercing myself!

However, I was still determined to get some sort of piercing. Two years back I had gotten a cartilage piercing on my left ear for a birthday. My dad was appalled at the small, glinting piece of steel in my ear when he saw it. The only way I had been allowed to get it was because my mum had told him I was off to get a hair cut! I decided my mum would be the person to go to for piercings.

After weeks of surfing websites like BME, I finally decided an ear piercing would be the safest bet, as they were out of view for school and I already knew that my mum would be cool with it, and it was also a place that I could still get quite an awesome piercing on.

A month later, I was still undecided as to what I should choose. I hadn't even spoken to my parents about it, as I wanted to know what I was getting before I tried to desperately convince them to let me get pierced. I was leaning towards getting a conch piercing, however as I was talking to my friend one night, she asked me, "why don't you get a scaffold done?"

Scaffold? I had never even heard of these. She quickly looked them up on the Internet to let me have a look. Wow. I used to think people were just being all weird when they said they had "fallen in love" with a piercing, but now I understood. It looked so cool. And I wanted it.

I decided I would play it cool for a week or so, making sure I done research and dropped hints so I could secure the opportunity to ask for it and get a positive reply. I wasn't going to let them say no to this awesome piercing! After a while I asked my mum. I showed her pictures, explained how it would be done, let her read experiences from BME, and assured her I knew what I was getting into. She said yes! On the condition that I paid for it myself.

So, I saved as much money as I could, and a month later, my mum called a piercing studio that had been recommended to us a few weeks earlier by a woman who was serving us in a restaurant. She had two pretty interesting surface piercings on her hand, so I couldn't help from myself asking about them. She told us she had gotten them done in Nirvana, a piercing studio in Glasgow, and that they were clean, professional and very nice. My mum booked an appointment for the following Saturday, which was a whole week away! I couldn't wait!

However, what with school and stuff, the week went fairly quickly, and before I could stop and think about the then fucking crazy thing I was about to do, I was sitting in my car, about to be driven to the piercing studio.

On the 20 minute drive, I couldn't stop thinking about what I was going to do. I hadn't had a piercing for a long time and could barely remember what it felt like. Also this was the first piercing I wasn't going to be numbed or freeze for, and, to be honest, I am a total fucking wimp with pain, I'm not going to lie. I was so scared. I kept asking myself what I was doing, but telling myself that I would still do it. The exact thing I kept telling myself was 'a few seconds of pain, a lifetime of an awesome piercing'.

As we neared the piercing studio, I had butterflies in my stomach. I'm shaking now just thinking about how scared I was! Finally my dad parked outside of the small shop. My mum accompanied me whilst my dad waited outside in the car.

We walked in. It smelt like a hospital, but in a reassuring way. It looked absolutely immaculate. We walked up to the desk and my mum told the woman we had a booking for 1 o'clock. She checked it up and called a guy through. He asked me what I was here for today and how old I was. As my mum told him (I would have usually said, but I was shaking with nerves so much that I couldn't even speak) that I was 14, he looked at me and then at my mum. He seemed unwilling to do it because of my age, but my mum assured him that the person she had booked with had told her they would do it with her consent. She managed to convince him to do it! He handed me a board with health forms that required me to answer questions and sign stuff, and handed my mum a board with consent forms. I was shaking so much I could barley write. We handed the forms back to him, and the literally 5 minutes we had to wait while he checked things over and set things up felt like a decade.

I couldn't focus and felt really sick. When he then called us through to the little room where he would pierce me, I realized what I was doing. In a flash everything came together, and I calmed a little. But only a little. He sat me down and explained what would happen, and then talked to me just about general stuff, asking me if I had done anything interesting lately. My mum, thank god for her, being chatter box she is, took over for me, as she could see I was a bit shaken up and kept jumbling my words or talking crap when I tried to answer him. He told me I would have to lie down with my head facing the wall for this piercing. I was expecting to sit up for this piercing so this put me off track a bit, but he assured me it would be easier if it was done this way.

He set the needles up, I grimaced, breathed in, breathed out, and before I knew it had two needles in my ear. He quickly swapped it out for two little bars and cleaned my ear up.

Now, about the pain, I wont lie. For just like 20 seconds, it hurt like someone ripping my ear, but it hasn't been as sore since. It went all warm and numb after. He told me to come back in 2-3 months and they would measure me up a full, long scaffold bar. I know someone who got one big bar in straight away, but she said hers was a nightmare to heal and caused her quite bit of pain when she turned it, so I'm very glad he put in two separate ones, as this piercing has been so easy to keep and look after. Now just about a month and a half on, it's healing away great, and after like a week I could sleep on it without any serious pain. It hurts if I press right against it but apart from that it feels like I've had it a lifetime!

I would highly recommend Nirvana piercing studio in Glasgow and this piercing to anyone who wants a cool piercing that can still be hidden. It also looks pretty cool just as two cartilage piercings!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2013
in Industrials and Orbitals

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