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Love my tragus!

Last week I decided to get my tragus pierced. I work in an office, where my nose ring was acceptable, but an eyebrow or lip piercing wouldn't be. The tragus seemed like a classier piercing than most, and my boss was ok with it. My grandma (who has plenty of ear piercings, her navel and a few tattoos) asked what it was, so I showed her on my ear and pulled up a few pictures online. She said she wanted to get it done too, so we made plans for the following weekend.

I spent hours on Google and YouTube researching everything there is to know about a tragus piercing. I also looked at other ear piercings, but decided I was dead set on the tragus. I watched countless videos of the process, some girls were rather squeamish and it didn't seem to bother others at all. I read a lot about studs vs. rings, and figured a ring would be my best option. My hair always gets caught in my earrings, and it would be pretty impossible to get it stuck in a ring.

As soon as I knew I wanted a piercing, I knew I was going to American Skin Art. There a local places for piercings, but none of them impressed me like American Skin Art- which is only about a half hour drive. My best friend in high school and her sister had all their piercings done here, which is what convinced me to get my nose done at the same place three years ago. I also watched my friend's brother get his first tattoo there. The girl that did my nose back then was leaving about a week after I was there, moving out of town, so I knew I couldn't have the same person do it. I called on Friday to check if an appointment was necessary, how much it was, hours of operation, and the types of payment accepted. Good thing I called- they only take cash and I normally only carry my debit card!

Saturday comes, and my brother who turned 18 two weeks ago and is somewhat addicted to piercings (just had his tongue done last week, lobes and cartilage, and a lip piercing too) decided he wanted to go too and get his nose done. The three of us piled into the car and headed out of town. When we walked in we went to the waiting room on the right, for piercings. We were immediately greeted, and I told the guy that my grandma and I wanted our tragus and my brother wanted his nose. He said the piercer should be back in a minute, and brought us over to the counter to show us our jewelry options, and to start explaining both piercings to us. I found out shortly the guy we were talking to was an apprentice, but extremely knowledgeable. There wasn't one thing I found online that he didn't inform us of. We filled out our forms, and handed our licenses over to be copied.

The piercer walked into the waiting room, introduced himself and got an update from his apprentice on what we were having done. I knew the piercer (James) was licensed, as I had found his name on a list of currently licensed piercers on the website for my county's health department. The five of us chatted for a bit about the all the piercings James and his apprentice had. They asked who was first and I volunteered, seeing as my grandmother and brother didn't respond. It only took them a few minutes to clean and prepare the room. The room is very clean, everything neat and put away other that the items they had out for our piercings. All the drawers were well labeled, and I didn't see the tiniest bit of anything being dirty. There was a dentist style chair in the middle of the room; mirrors with pictures tucked in the edges were covering two walls.

Only one person is allowed in the room, so I chose my grandma since she was having the same piercing done. I hopped in the chair and they wheeled over the tray with everything on it. Everything was still in unopened packages, and James explained to me what everything was. He explained that he was going to use a receiving tube instead of clamps since I had chosen a ring. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and he cleaned and marked my ear. The apprentice carefully watched everything, and handed everything to James. I got out of the chair to check the placement, and I was happy with it so I sat back down. They reclined the chair and asked me to lie down. I asked my grandma to come over so I could hold her hand- I wasn't sure how much it would hurt.

James walked me through everything he did, which was very reassuring. He said he was just lining everything up and I should just be breathing normally for the moment. He told me he was going to tell me to breathe in, and when he told me to breathe out he was going to pierce me. Then he asked me one last time if I had any questions, and if I was ready. I was and then he pierced me. I didn't hear any noise, and it hurt less than when I had pinched my ear to see how badly it would hurt. As soon as the needle was in he told me I was pierced and that he was going to cork the needle so it didn't poke me. He then told me he was going to push the ring through- I only felt a bit of pressure when he did. Then he told me he had to open the ring just a bit more- that didn't hurt either. Then he told me he just had to clamp the ball into place, I only felt a bit of pressure. Through every step he asked if I was doing ok, which I was. I sat up for a minute to make sure I wouldn't feel diz zy at all, and I was just fine so I ran over to the mirror and was very happy with my new pink ball on the ring!

It turns out I didn't squeeze my grandma's hand at all, but I bled just a drop or two. The apprentice immediately wiped everything down and set up everything for my grandma. They did everything the same- re-explaining everything, unwrapping everything in front of us. She squeezed my hand, but handled it very well and didn't have a drop of blood. We left the room for them to set up for my brother's nose, and then I went back in with my brother. They once again explained everything and opened everything in front of us. When my brother was done we walked out into the waiting room. My grandma had started to bleed, so the apprentice put on gloves and was instructed clearly by James on what to do, and that it is important to get all the blood out of the ear canal because it can cause an infection. Once she stopped bleeding, they took us back to the counter for payment and to give us the aftercare sheet. Even though the apprentice covered everything before we were pierced, James to ld us step-by-step what to do again. The sheets we were given had our name, the type of piercing, and approximate heal time written on it, and his business card was attached. He said he will change our jewelry out once it's healed because it's hard to replace a CBR yourself, but if we want the ball changed he can do that before it as it doesn't involve taking the ring out.

On the way home I bought non-iodized sea salt from a grocery store. He recommended cleaning twice a day with the salt dissolved in water. I am very happy with the look my new piercing and I was very pleased with the entire process at the studio! I would definitely say go for it if you want your tragus pierced! It hurt less than when I had my cartilage (top of my ear) pierced.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: James
Studio: American+Skin+Art
Location: North+Tonawanda%2C+New+York

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