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I call it...Mystery Piercing!

About a month ago my dorm mate and I realized that very familiar sensation told us that we needed a new piercing. The last piercings I had gotten were my nape (R.I.P!) and my tragus on my right ear back in late March. Over six months later I knew I could handle another piercing, but what was now the question!

After some research here on BME I fell in love with the daith. Oddly enough, Mena (my mate) had tried to convince me to get a daith back in July when I went to get my nape adjusted. The urge to get a piercing wasn't there then, so empty my ear stayed.

So we decided to go to the place we got our last piercings done. Mena was getting her Septum and the daith it was for me. Sick Ink is a really friendly place and we get along great with our piercer Jeff. The paper work was filled out quick and without issue. I got to watch two other piercings get done before I got to step up to the plate.

I feel it is important to note that while I don't mind needles, I am most certainly not a fan of them. I don't mind giving blood or getting pierced, as long as I don't look at them. Mena held my hand as my ear was cleaned and marked. Because I couldn't see the mark, I asked Mena to check it for me. With a thumbs up from her, in the needle went.

Instantly I knew that something was a little off. I knew where a daith was, but the needle didn't go through there. It went through the front cartilage of my ear.

Not too surprisingly, the pain was not bad. After my nape, it was like a walk in the park! I barely held Mena's hand. In my head I thought "Oh! Well, that wasn't too bad. Sweet."

Pulling out the mirror, I saw that I had not gotten a daith, despite the ok from Mena. I had gotten a forward helix instead. The placement was lower than others I have seen, but the piercing was adorable! I wasn't one to really complain, despite the fact I know I should have. It wasn't Jeff's fault so I can't say much.

After we looked at the chart (courtesy of BME) and saw that my piercing was low enough to be in the daith area but not on the inside cartilage, we decided to affectionately call it "Mystery Piercing" or M.P. for short.

M.P. was done with a 16 barbell. The little ball nestled against my ear and it looked precious. Even with the blood and the swelling, so that's saying something.

When the swelling lessened, I noticed that the barbell was too long for my ear. The back ball was pressing up against the back of my ear and caused me some discomfort. However, I kept cleaning it as I should, and took some anti-inflammatory every morning.

By week three the discomfort was extreme. Every few minutes I had to adjust the barbell to go on an angle so the ball wouldn't cause pressure. I hated touching my piercing, knowing it could get bacteria in it. On top of that I couldn't get anything done about it until that Friday, when I got paid. The anti-inflammatory helped and the S.S.S. felt like heaven twice a day.

That friday after classes I went down to a local piercing place to get the jewelry of my tragus (the barbell was too long and my hair would catch on it) and my M.P. changed. I had gotten my eyebrow and my industrial done here without a single issue, so I know I could trust them to do the jewelry switch.

According to the piercer, the ball was ripping open the back of my cartilage and if I hadn't come in, would have caused some serious problems. The jewelry was also put on too tight, and the internal threading was damaged. He had one hell of a time getting it out! He even asked if the Hulk had screwed on my jewelry. Once that barbell was taken out it felt as if a huge weight had been taken off my ear.

Once he changed it to the adorable C.B.R. I now have, my ear felt ten times better. A few days later I started to get some scarring around the piercing. I've never seen something like it before; even when I got my other cartilage piercings!

I took some pictures with my web-cam and asked a community of people I talk to about body modifications about it. I can't remember the long name of what it was, but HT scarring was that they called it for short. It was nothing to worry about they assured me.

Despite this I was absolutely petrified. I had never had anything go wrong with a piercing before and I felt as if I had done something wrong. Thankfully, after a week of some S.S.S. and tea tree oil, it's almost as good as new.

So despite the fact that I didn't get the piercing I asked for, and the improper jewelry used, this forward helix is absolutely precious. In a few weeks I plan on actually getting a daith, so I'll write up my experience for that.

I was a little stupid when it came to getting this piercing done, but I've learned my lesson!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Jeff
Studio: Sick+Ink
Location: Allentown%2C+Pennsylvania

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