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anti tragus.... take two

Getting my first "real," or needle piercing at the mere age of 16 led to a new fascination of mine. PIERCINGS! I am always aching for more. My mom hates how I love getting pierced so initially when I must have a new one I ask my father. With the same response from him each time I am always referred back to my mom. I propose the idea of a new piecing to her and she instantly says "No!" "You have so many holes soon water will pour out of you when you drink." Months pass and I continue to nag her and eventually she caves. Now this time I was quite pleased with myself. I only asked her 3 times and she said yes.

Three days had passed since she said yes and I went to a local piercing shop that I usually go to. Johnny, the piercer knows me quite well. I walked through he door with my friend and he said "what is it today?" "I want my anti tragus pieced," I said. By that time I was all worked up and full of anxiety. Johnny had confirmed my anxiety when he told me "its a bitch to pierce" He gave me the paperwork to fill out, copied my id, and quickly went through the aftercare with me. I signed the waiver, paid $45, and worked my way to the piercing room.

Johnny set up his equipment and I started to nervously laugh. Once his stuff was set up he began the process. He cleaned my ear, marked the spot where the needle would go, then moved it a little bit, asked for my verification, he moved it a little more upon my request, and then checked again with me. I said perfect!

At this point I was beyond excited but also very nervous. He told me he was going to do it freehand and to take a big breath in, and then exhale. DONE. I never heard the cartilage crunch, it did not hurt, and it barely bled. Afterwards I fell in love with it.

I generally heal piercings very well and fast. About 5 days went by and my ear began to swell and it was very uncomfortable for me to clean.

I went to another piercer in the area I trust very much and asked him his opinion. He told me that the piercing was hard to heal, it will be sore for quite some time but also that it was pierced at a very weird angle. It was placed as half snug half anti tragus. Nick helped me make the choice to take it out and redo it again. Nick took it out for me and told me I had to let the cartilage heal for 1-3 months. I was upset when I heard that, I love instant gratification. About a month had passed and I went back and said i'm ready to do it, can you let me know if the cartilage is healed?

He felt my ear, said it was fine, but then asked his co piercer her opinion as well. Both said it was fine to pierce, I will thrilled. Nick walked me through all the routine steps:informing me about the piercing, how long it takes to heal, what to expect, the type of jewelry used, and after care. I signed all the needed forms and set off for the piercing room.

Once in the room Nick cleaned my ear, marked it with some purple dye with a toothpick and showed me the placement. I agreed with what he had done. He then took out all of the materials he needed, showing me all of the sterilized packages that each object came from.

Now for the piercing. Nick asked how I felt about the piercing the first time I had it done, I told him it didn't hurt. He said very good, this one might feel a little bit different because it is the second time being pierced. He then told me to tilt my head, then to take a deep breath in and then to exhale (in the needle went) he asked how I was doing. I assured him I was good. He then said one more inhale, and now exhale (in the jewelry went) I was all done. He cleaned the piercing, and pushed my surrounding skin to help with the healing and bring the skin together easier. I was pleased with everything. I paid $45 and was on my way.

I was thrilled with my new piercing and even more pleased with how professional and sterile Nick was. I would recommend him to anybody in the area looking for a piercing. And I would also recommend the anti tragus. The piercing is so neat. I have yet to see anyone in person with it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Nick+Giordano
Studio: Dorje+Adornments
Location: Rochester+NY

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