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My journey from an 18G through a 0G!!!

Hello All!

Well my journey into ear stretching started a few months ago! I have always wanted to, but never got around to. My reasoning behind it is that it looks cool, the culture roots behind it, and I love the jewelry plain and simple. I decided to go to Claires at a local mall, got gunned, I wouldn't recommend the gun when it comes to initial ear piercing (go to a tattoo shop). I let the piercing heal for 6 weeks then sized up to an 18G (1mm) ring. That stretch was easy, not a big difference at all. I then let that heal for 2 weeks, and ordered a 14G-0G ear stretching plug/taper kit from kingsbodyjewlery.com (excellent company). The kit included a pair of plugs and a single taper for each stretch (stainless steel). So then my journey really began, and here it goes:

1st Stretch: 9/25/2009 I went from an 18G (1mm) to a 14G (1.6mm). I skipped 16G just because it seemed like a useless size (I don't recommend it). This stretch didn't hurt at all, I lubed up my taper with KY jelly (very good) and it slid right through. I waited 4days before going a size up (wait 2 weeks or longer, I was just impatient.)

2nd Stretch: 9/29/2009 I went from a 14G (1.6mm) to a 12G (2mm). This stretch didn't hurt, but was a little red afterwards. Again I used KY jelly and it slid right through. I waited a week before going a size up (wait 2 weeks or longer, I'm impatient.)

3rd Stretch: 10/5/2009 I went from a 12G (2mm) to a 10G (2.4mm). This stretch didn't hurt at all! it was probably this easiest stretch I've done. Again I did the same process as previous stretches. I waited a week before going a size up (again please wait 2 weeks or longer, I was impatient in the beginning).

4th Stretch: 10/11/2009 I went from a 10G (2.4mm) to an 8G (3.2mm). This stretch hurt like a bitch, this is one of the first "big" mm stretches in the process. It was painful, but not unbearable. I waited 2 weeks before going up a size.

5th Stretch: 10/24/2009 I went from an 8G (3.2mm) to a 6G (4mm) this stretch was painful. I waited 2 weeks before going up.

6th Stretch 11/4/2009 I went from a 6g(4mm) to a 4G(5mm) This stretch wasn't too bad, just a little puffy and red. I waited 2 weeks before going up.

7th Stretch 11/18/2009 I went from a 4G(5mm) to a 2G(6mm) This stretch didn't hurt a bad as I thought it was going to, just a little tender. I waited 3 weeks before going up.

8th Stretch 12/5/2009 I went from a 2G (6mm to a 0G (8mm) this stretch killed! My ears were red and tender as hell. No blowouts, No tearing, and No Blood!

If you're really committed to stretching your ears and do it right everything will turn out beautifully. I had no trouble with my ears no blowouts, no tearing, no blood at all. I took my time and it turned out wonderful. I do have some advice though if you plan on doing this!

Questions to ask yourself: Why am I doing this? Will I get tired of this through my life?

Things to think about: Employment/Jobs (some employers are dicks) School, Parents, GF/BF/Spouse.

Pros: Looks badass, tons of really nice jewelry, sticks things in your ears haha, and in the end you feel accomplished.

Cons: Judgmental people, Risk of infection, A lot of up keep.

Advice: Waited 2 weeks or longer (listen to your body) to go up a size. Clean them everyday at least twice with antibacterial soap. Soak your ears daily with Sea Salt for at least 10 minutes. Massage your ears with Vitamin E oil. Use Vitamin E oil, Sex Lube (KY Jelly) as a lube. Stretch with stainless steel or glass, in my opinion do not stretch with acrylic, and silicone.

When I say it "hurts" it shouldn't hurt as if it was killing you, but ear stretching is uncomfortable and slight pain/discomfort. My only way to describe it is a feeling of pouring salt into an open wound or scraping your knee.

If you stretch to fast or skip sizes you will develop Cat Ass syndrome on your ears, and will look wrinkly and puckered up.

I encourage you to do ear stretching, ear stretching is awesome. By the way I'm not an expert or a professional when it comes to this; this is just how I did my ears and my advice. If you would like more of a professional opinion go to your local tattoo shop and speak with a piercer.

Cheers, I hope you have safety, luck, and happiness!



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on: 14 Dec. 2009
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