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My Stretching Experience

So I decided to get my ears pierced because it was something I had wanted for a long time, i didn't want to spend money to get it done so I had my brother do it, he has had a ton of experience piercing various parts on his friends so I trusted him he pierced my ear and I was surprised that there was no pain during the process at all except for the soreness afterward. I experimented with different types of earrings for a while and then I discovered that people can stretch their ears and its a relatively easy process.

I thought this would be a good look for me and I was initially only going to stretch my lobes to an 8g since I thought this was a good middle ground and I could wear cool plugs and horns in my ears. I bought some 16g's online and wore those for about 2 months then I bought some 14g and those slid right in, I made the choice when I started stretching to take my time and wear the new size for at least 2 months, I knew this might make me seem like a wuss seeing as stretching your ears had become popular and most people jumped right to a 10g, but it was the best decision for me.

Next i bought some 12's and they also fit right in, same with 10's and 8's. I soon found out that stretching your ears is kind of an addicting thing because after seeing your ears so often the new size starts to look pretty small, I did my research and it said that the stretch to 6g was the first painful stretch.

I had not been using tapers or anything to stretch until now and I got myself a 6g taper and some tunnels, let me tell you this hurt like a bitch, I used the taper in the shower to try to make things easier for me and after about 20 minutes of struggling and like 3 runs through each ear with the taper i got the tunnels in. My ears were sore for a couple weeks after and it hurt worse then getting my ears pierced. I was undecided on whether or not to size up again after this ordeal so i sat at 6g for about 3 months I had already bought some silicone 4's, but i wasn't sure what to do so i waited. After time my 6's started to feel loose and one day i was just messing around to see what would fit in my ears and i ran the 4g taper through and there was no pain at all i checked to see if by mistake i grabbed the 6g taper, but it turned out to be the 4, I put my 4g silicone tunnels in with no problems.

I thought 4g was a decent size to stay at so i kept these in and got a few more pairs to wear, however after a while the 4's started to seem small i reluctantly bought a set of 2g horns and plugs, after some contemplation I ran the horn through, I was surprised because using the horn to stretch didn't hurt at all. I wish I had used horns to stretch until this point, but at least I knew the easiest way for me to stretch now. I then bought another set of horns and plugs, but these were 0, I had heard lots of things that said 2g and 0g were the points of no return, but I'm comfortable having stretched ears so I ran the 0's through with no problems.

I was at 0 for by far the longest of any of my stretch's and I accumulated about a dozen pairs of 0's, I knew now that I wanted to stretch to at least 1/2 and be done. My stretch to 00 was probably the easiest stretch I've done because I used silicone tunnels to size up, I've heard all the stipulations and bad rumors about silicone, but I've found it the best material to stretch with(for me), all I did was fold the tunnel in half and put it in, it opened up and I felt no pain. I also accumulated a lot of 00's because I liked the size and the way 00's looked. I was in the process of buying some more 00's and I decided to buy some silicone 7/16s to size up with,I planned on waiting for a while to put these in, but soon I caved and put them in, they popped in with no problem. I'm well on my way to 1/2 inch, but I'm waiting to get some nice custom ones. This was my stretching experience and you don't have to agree with everything I've said, but feel free to make comments.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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