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My less than painful daith

I've always been very interested in piercings. My family, mainly my dad, has always been very against them. Getting him to agree to get my lobes pierced a second time was tough, let alone anything "out of the ordinary".

Eventually I got my nose, tragus, and most recently, my daith pierced. I generally have to do a lot of research on them first, a rule I gave to myself so that I know for sure that its a piercing I want to get. I also have a bleeding disorder, which tends to make this a more complicated endeavor than I wish it was.

But anyways, when I first saw the daith piercing on BME, I fell in love with it. I hadn't known anyone who had it done, and was shocked at how anybody could get a needle to that part of your ear. But it was so beautiful, and I always kept it in the back of my mind. I had to wait until I turned 18 anyway. I had planned on going the day of, or after my birthday, but I chickened out. The pain of piercings had never really scared me away from any, but I think what made me most nervous was not having my mom there, and since none of my friends were able to go, I sure wasn't going by myself.

I put it off for a month. I was home alone for a weekend, and called up two of my friends. Neither of them had ever been pierced, but I knew that both of them would be up for at least accompanying me and holding my hand. I didn't want to tell them what I was getting pierced quite yet. I still wasn't completely positive this was what I wanted. I kept going back and forth between a daith and an anti-tragus. But I made my decision as I walked up to the counter. I told the man there what I wanted pierced, handed him my driver's license, and signed a few forms. The usual stuff.

We were told to take a seat, and Myke, the piercer, would be out in a few minutes after he prepared his workspace. (Blue Lotus is very clean, and professional, and I highly recommend them. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I have accompanied a friend to another local piercer, and was less than pleased. I didn't feel as... safe there, even though I wasn't even the person getting pierced at the time.) The adrenaline started pumping, and my face got red and hot, and my fingers got really cold. I always get nervous beforehand.

Myke came out and introduced himself. He had actually been the guy who pierced my nose. I felt very comfortable with him, so I knew this was going to be a lot easier for me just because I was sure he was a good piercer. We were just chatting a little before he did anything, to make me feel comfortable I suppose, and I told him about my bleeding disorder. When he pierced my nose, there had been a suspicion that I had a bleeding disorder, but it hadn't been confirmed yet, so I never mentioned it... Probably a bad idea. He seemed hesitant at first, but I explained it to him, and told him that my doctor was OK with my getting piercings. THEN he decided to continue. Myke went over the procedure, showed me all the stuff before he opened them so I knew everything was sterile, he cleaned my ear, and all of the sudden i was lying down, taking my 3 deep breaths in... and out. On the third one, the needle went in, and I had a death grip on my friend's hand. The other one refuse d to watch. She was just there for moral support, I guess. The pain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Actually, it only really hurt for a second. really, just a second. It didn't even hurt when he slid the jewelry in. (a CBR, by the way).

He had me sit up, and he cleaned up the blood. Apparently it did bleed quite a bit... nothing too major though. I expect it. He went over the aftercare with me, made sure I wasn't feeling nauseous or anything, and then sent me up front to pay. I couldn't help but admire it the rest of the day. It was absolutely stunning. It didn't hurt until a couple of hours later, but even then it only ached. I could even sleep on it, mostly because it was tucked safely in my ear.

I woke up the next morning with blood on my pillow, and pooled and dried in my ear, and down the side of my face. I was kind of freaked out at first, but I took a shower and cleaned up the visible blood. I didn't want to irritate the piercing yet. Its been just over a month, and so far its healed rather well. It is a bit sore sometimes, but I continue to do sea salt soaks, and I wash it with satin soap once a day.

I would highly recommend this piercing to anyone. The pain really isn't that bad at all. And, really, that part only lasts for a split second.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Myke
Studio: Blue+Lotus+Tattoo+and+Piercing+Lounge
Location: Madison%2C+WI

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