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My First Piercing

  Ever since I was younger (about 5th grade id say) id always wanted to get an ear piercing, I mean why not my older brother/most of my friends had them, but alas my parents never wanted me to become one of the people in that "crowd". So I bid my time and just let it sit at the back of my mind for a couple years.

The years passed and I was now in high school. Getting involved in the music scene re-kindled my interest in ear piercings but now I noticed stretched lobes. Going to local shows and playing there too I started noticing a lot of the older kids, who I looked up to, had their ears stretched. At first I wasn't into them at all, I even thought they were terrible looking. But the more I was around them the more I started liking them, noticing the different sizes and once again yearning for pierced lobes but now with the intention to stretch. I went home and talked to my parents about it, but once again my parents, and my job said no can do so I let it go once more.

I am now 20 years old a supervisor at my work so I can pretty much do whatever I want. And having put off the past couple of years, procrastinating on getting my ears stretched and having a couple of my really good friends backing me up(their ears are all stretched as well), I decided to go down to the tattoo shop and finally get them done. I'm really impatient so I decided to just skip the first stage of sizes and get them done at a 4. So my friend Mitch and I walk into the shop and tell the lady behind the counter what I want. She says she can help us, but I can't tell she too is a little nervous, turns out she has never pierced below normal 18 and 16 and I'm going to be one of her first "big piercings". I though "oh boy, this is going to be fun," so she gets that 4 gauge needle and starts rummaging through the tunnels.

Turns out the jewelry for the 4 gauge tunnel doesn't fit into the back of the needle and she explains how she could still pierce at 4 but it may be harder to get the tunnel in and having just had a big needle go through my ear it may not be so fun. So after some thinking I decide to just go for the 6. She sat me down in the chair and after some misplaced dots getting corrected and even and lined up, she was ready to go. This is where I started getting nervous I mean I figured it can't be too bad, I do have a half sleeve about 3/4 the way done but Mitch just kept assuring me "Just think of how cool it's going to be." So I took a deep breath and she slid the needle through my ear and followed with the tunnel. I took another deep breath and the other side was done. Apart from all the blood it really wasn't too painful and overall a great experience.

After I got home and relaxed and let my ears un-swell I noticed that a little ball of skin was attached on the back of my lobe and was painful and not very pleasant looking. At first I was worried, I consulted with the tattoo shop and they informed me it would shrivel up and just fall of. So I waited for about a week and it did, it turned all black and just shriveled up and fell right off. I was so relieved.

So I took a trip to the local Wal-Mart to get all my cleaning and healing needs. I picked up a bottle of Bactine spray to sterilize and some Anti-Bacterial soap. I had read Sea-Salt soaks were really good so I picked up some of that too. Every night I would clean them and sanitize that jewelry after soaking them in the Sea-Salt mixture.

Two weeks later I dead stretched to a 4, which was a very painful event. I would not recommend dead stretching to anyone and I will never do it again. Two weeks after that I tapered up to a 2, where I sit at now waiting to get my 0 taper so I can stretch again toward my goal of 1 inch. I notice every time that I stretch that there is a lot of pressure in my lobe, which I mean is normal. But at constant fear of blowouts I do get a little worried sometime, but i wont let it deter me. I know that the body is a resilient thing and my ears wont blowout unless I give them a reason to, like dead stretching again or skipping sizes. So that's my story and im so happy with my ears and I just cant wait to get bigger.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Sarah
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