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First (and second) cartilage...and more to come...

Ok, so I am one of those girls who got her ears pierced at the mall when she was seven, and then as she got older started neglecting to wear earrings in them. Yeah, I know. What's the point in having them if you're never going to wear earrings? Anyways, I moved to a new school my freshman year of high school and started seeing a bunch of girls with their ears pierced and my best friend (a huge influence in who I am today) who had three lobes in each ear and a cartilage in one. For holidays and birthdays, I always got earrings from friends because that was the easy way to go. Needless to say, with high school came a whole new wave of interest in my ears and what they wear.

Two days after the last day of school of my sophomore year I got up the courage to get an industrial in my right ear done (shout out to Kaylie at Capitol Tattoo in C-ville!). It turned out to be absolutely gorgeous and I still love it (definitely recommend to anybody interested). My dad had taken me to get it done (without telling my mom...she wasn't too keen on the idea) because I wasn't 18 yet and still needed parental consent. After I got that done, I thought I would be fine with just my lobes and industrial being my only piercing. I told my parents that I wouldn't ask for any more piercings. Yeah right. Fast forward to my 18th birthday.

I had been trying to convince my parents for months that I really wanted to get my ears pierced again. The first time I asked, they both kind of chuckled and said what else is new. I knew I would have more luck getting through to my dad than asking my mom. So I went to daddy. He agreed that I could get my ears pierced again as a birthday present. I was so excited! I couldn't wait until I could those new holes punched in my head. My plan was a second lobe for each ear plus two cartilage piercings in the left ear (one half way up and one at the top). Dad said that was fine and we would go during lunch on my birthday (a Friday...during school, yes I know...don't skip school!).

The day finally came where I was getting the new piercings and could hardly keep myself together. I was so excited. Lunch finally came around and Dad got me out of school and we went to the place that would perform the procedures: Body Expressions of Madison. I had never been pierced here before, but I had gone with my friend when she got her navel done and the place seemed very clean and all the equipment was one-use-only and sterile. There was an autoclave that he used to clean the clamps and all the jewelry was individually wrapped in sterile baggies. Her navel is doing very well, by the way.

So, we get there and I explain what I want to get done and he says ok and gives me a bunch of paperwork to fill out and then we go into the little room where the piercing takes place. I sat down on the doctor's table chair thing covered in plastic as Dave (the piercer) puts on his first pair of gloves and gets everything needed for the piercings. He rolls his table over to the chair and opens the ink to mark my ear. He marked the lobes first and spaced those perfectly to the other holes. Then he marked the cartilage piercings. He spaced the one half way up so that it could be connected to a succession of lobes into cartilage piercings if I later decided that that was what I wanted. I thought that to be very thoughtful of him. The upper cartilage was marked carefully so it didn't go through any veins and wasn't too close to the edge. Now was the time for the needle to come out...and another glove change.

He did the lobes first...easy enough. Then he unwrapped the first needle and dipped it in antibacterial ointment. Breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...breathe push! Surprisingly, it didn't hurt as badly as I thought it would. I have a high tolerance for pain, but different people experience pain in different ways; some more or less than others. He put the earring in and that was that. Moving on to the last one. Again breathe in...breathe out...breathe push! I was expecting it on the second breathe out. It caught me slightly off guard but still no major pain; mostly just warmth rushing to the area. He put the earring in and grabbed some gauze to clean up the blood. I grabbed the mirror next to me to look at it (I'm kind of a freak when it comes to that...I actually like looking at blood...). He changed his gloves again and adjusted the jewelry so that it looked correct and asked if that looked ok. Now that the blood was gone I could see the piercings in all their glory. I loved them! T hey looked so good.

Dave gave me a care sheet and explained different cleaning techniques, most of which I already knew from my research online. Dad had already gotten me a bottle of saline solution to clean them with. We left the little room and paid Dave. He said I could come by anytime to show them off or ask how they were doing, which I had to take advantage of when I needed to switch three of the four holes to hoops when the studs got infected from hairspray after prom (warning!!! avoid hairspray with new piercings!!!), then we left.

I've had these piercings for six months now and they have been doing fine. I still absolutely love them. I did make the mistake of telling my parents after this one, again, that I wouldn't ask for any more piercings. I just asked for a two forward helixes (one more of a mix between a forward helix and a daith). But they already agreed I could get those done during holiday break! YAY!

Getting four piercings in one sitting (three on one ear) wasn't too bad but it did make it slightly difficult to sleep for a while. I got used to it and figured out that my ear fits into the crook of my arm pretty well so it doesn't touch anything. These piercings are amazing and anyone out there who is considering getting them should definitely go for it because they are totally worth it. I can't thank Dave at Body Expressions more for helping me make my look perfect and for help with many more piercings to come. If you're ever in the area (very small area) and decide you need to get those ears/navels/lips/tongues/whatever pierced, Dave is the guy to see.

All of my friends now know me as the girl with never enough holes in her ears. I only have eight now (soon to be ten) but I will probably be interested in more pretty soon. At least this time I was smart enough not to tell my parents these were the last ones.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Dave
Studio: Body+Expressions
Location: Madison+County

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