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Two Industrials in Same Ear

When I was a bit younger, 3 years ago to be exact, I got an industrial piercing on my right ear as a whim. At this point I didn't really know a lot about industrials and the piercer had positioned the piercing a little too high in my ear. That has been one thing that bugged me in the back of my head all this time but otherwise I love love love my first industrial.

So fast forward to present day...

Now I'm in college and I'm seeing all these people with industrial piercings just like mine. I wanted to be a little different (and I was also craving another piercing, after getting two tattoos during the hiatus), so I opted to get yet another industrial...on the same ear. I wanted one so that it would run directly beneath and parallel to the original industrial, with enough space in between them so that they don't touch or rub against each other. I wanted another piercing that would not be too generic, but I did not want to get one too visible on my face, for employment purposes. I considered surface bar piercings but decided against them after learning that they have a high rejection rate, and also decided against dermal anchor piercings since I would have to return to the piercing parlor to get them removed. I did not want a tongue or navel piercing since they were not really my thing, so I settled on another industrial at last.

I chose Fine Tattoo Works & Piercing Parlor at Orange, California because of their price (it was $45 but I brought my own jewelry in, so I paid $25), and its relative closeness to my college campus (University of California, Irvine). When I actually got to the place, I saw that it was very big, well-lit, and smelled like a hospital. I brought my own barbell so they had to take an hour sterilizing it for me.

When I came back after the hour was up, the piercer led me to the dentist's chair and told me to lie down on my side. This was new to me since during my previous industrial, I sat up. Anyway he marked the alignment (which was a bit tricky since there was already an industrial in place) and after I was satisfied with the position, he got ready to pierce. I was relieved at this point because I thought there wasn't going to be enough room for a second industrial, but turns out it all fit in snugly, and not too tight either. My two friends were with me, and even though they were uncomfortable with the sight of the least bit of gore or blood, they opted to watch the procedure out of curiosity.

He took out his needle and as usual, told me to inhale, and pierced the first hole when I was exhaling. It stung quite a bit, but it wasn't too bad. Then again I have a very high pain tolerance. The second hole was a little more painful, but nothing to cry over. I'd say it was about a 7 on a 1-10 pain scale. Then he threaded the ball in and I was done. Interestingly enough, I did not bleed at all. I remember bleeding quite copiously the first time around, so much so that I had to hold a tissue up to my ear.

The entire piercing process took about 2 minutes, not including marking the position. Overall I'm very satisfied with the way my two industrials look, lined up neatly next to each other in my right ear. I'm glad that my first piercing was a little too high up on the ear; otherwise there would've been no room for a second one, and even if I did get a second one, it would've had a higher chance of rejection because of the awkward placement. I would strongly recommend you visit a professional and reputable piercing parlor especially with industrials, since if not pierced/taken care of properly, they can easily form ugly scars and cause immense pain for months after the initial piercing. You also need to be extra vigilant in the aftercare, because industrials take a particularly long time to heal compared to say lobe piercings, and need to be cleaned routinely and maybe even obsessively...better safe than sorry! Since my first one healed up very nicely without any scars, bleeding /discharge or rejection, I am hoping that this new one will heal up nicely as well. As of now it still stings and aches a bit but that is to be expected since I got it pierced a mere 6 hours ago. Industrials take a notoriously long time to heal but regardless, they are my favorite piercings, and the addition of a second one has really given me the unique look I was craving!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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