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The saga of a conch

I graduated in the summer from uni and decided to reward myself with a piercing ( I did this for my GCSE's – upper helix and A levels – Tongue) and after four years worth of study it was time for another one, so I decided to get my conch done as it was the next piercing I wanted to add to the collection. Nice and early on a Saturday morning I headed down to the studio because most people aren't out of their beds then and there's much less of a wait time for just coming in of the street.

I signed all the necessary paperwork no heart conditions, over 18 all the usual stuff and choose the jewellery which was a simple surgical steel barbell at 1.2mm ( wish I'd gone for 1.6mm now but alas too late). I only had to wait for about 10 minutes before John called me in, he's a lovely guy will just sit and chat away to me and was giving me advice on where to buy a flat etc really puts you at ease and makes you feel very comfortable.

The room was very sterile he cleaned the area opened new needles washed his hands and changed gloves numerous times before we were ready to go. He does the take a deep breath now breath out and when you breath out he pierces and off he went and then it was over with very little pain and a shiny new piercing which I happily paraded down the street. That was until the wind made it hurt so I took refuge in a little coffee shop.

For about the next month all was grand cleaned it regularly with sea salt soaks and the piercing seemed to be doing well and healing nicely but then I went on a canoe trip with some work colleagues. I tried my best to keep it clean I had antiseptic spray and cotton buds but that just didn't seem to cut it with the dirty river water and so when I returned home my ear was a lot sorer and significantly more swollen. I decided to do some salt soaks keep it clean see if it settled down which it didn't. Phoned for and emergency appointment but was told unless I was feverish I wasn't sick enough for one and to book and appointment and come in if it hadn't cleared up by then. So that's what I did and it hadn't cleared up and some nice green pus had started to come out by my appointment date so in I went to be given some flucloxacillin and the nice doctor was very understanding and told me that it was common to get infections in cartilage and that I shouldn't take it out as it might c ause an abscess wise doctor.

Well I took my course and finished it and my ear was more swollen than when I started and green and brown pus and blood were now coming out so I was a bit worried that my ear may not survive and this time I phoned up and got my emergency appointment to be given more flucloxacillin and again another nice doctor who agreed I shouldn't take my piercing out as it would need to be open in order to let the fluid drain (they were so smart in this place got to give them credit for that I'm used to doctors disapproving looks and tell me to take it out and it will heal no need for antibiotics). So again I took it I cleaned it I changed the piercing to a PTFE one just incase it was an allergic reaction ( this is why I wished it was pierced bigger then I could have put the 1.2mm bar in to let it drain but I couldn't find any PTFE smaller than 1.2mm) no change at the end.

This takes us now to about a month and a half past the initial swelling and infection here I phoned again and spoke to a doctor on the phone who said he would need to see it but put me on my third course of antibiotics (still flucloxacillin) in the mean time ( it is literally over a week before you can get seen by a doctor in my GP). I'm coming to the end of this course now nearly two months later I have my appointment next wed and my ear is still swollen and bleeding.

I guess the moral of my story is new piercing keep it clean at all costs especially in the cartilage because this is not fun my ear is still not better after two months which is quite worrying. If only I hadn't felt the need to go canoeing (but it was so much fun !!) guess I'll never learn


submitted by: little miss muffet
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: John
Studio: Nirvana
Location: Glasgow

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