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not only a peice of my ear but a piece of my pride!

Lets start this off just like every other story that people post on here. Since I was young I was always fascinated by the art and culture of body modification. Of course my family thought it was the newest way of self mutilation but I thought It was beautiful and I wanted to envelope myself in every aspect of it.

I started at a young age, piercing everything I could get a needle through and not caring about sanitation or technique. The strangest part was when I started getting them done professionally, I asked the artist to pierce slowly, because for some reason it makes it feel better and more worthwhile. Once I hit the 8th grade I had my lip tongue cartilage and eyebrow pierced and stretched. This was when I decided that I wanted to stretch my earlobes. At the time not a lot of people had them which was one of the reasons I wanted them so badly. I ended up ditching school and stealing my older brothers ID because we look a lot alike and he was over 18. I went to the closest piercing shop and had my lobes pierced at the largest size they would do, which was a 10g. With the intentions of stretching as big and as fast as I could, within the next week I bought and stretched my ears with 6g tapers and plugs. Oh boy did that feel good.

Two weeks later and still not fully healed, I impatiently put in 4g double flared flesh tunnels. I hope you are starting to get the picture. By the time I was in the middle of freshman year I was at half inch, but of course I wasn't satisfied. Over the following year I decided to stretch and stop at 7/8s which is where I stayed for the next year or so. For the most part I was contend with where my ears were and decided to get other piercings, such as my nipples, other eyebrow, lips in every spot and every variation. Stretched my lips to an 8g, stretched my conch to a 6g. I just couldn't get enough stretching but didn't really want to go bigger on my ears.

It was the end of junior year in high school and summer was just starting. I had gotten into some trouble with the law and was forced to remove my piercings since they were hazardous and were not allowed. My ears were never really prone to shrinking for some reason, no matter how long I left them naked I would only lose no more than two sizes before they stopped closing. As for everything else I had pierced, as soon as I got out not a single piece of jewelry went back in. This being the case, I was left with only the jewelry in my lobes, which I had to restretch to get back up to 7/8s. Once I got there I had completely forgotten how good it felt to stretch my lobes, so I decided to go one more size. I ended up taping my ears with the dreaded electrical tape, which at the time I thought was harmless and was in fact the best idea anyone had ever come up with. It was cheap and it was effective. I had no idea the negative effect it can have on your body. Once I got the one inch p lugs in I kept them for a few months and then decided I would stretch some more and stop at an inch and a quarter. I stayed at that size for a little less than a year before taping again. I ended up blowing out one of my ears from stretching way too quickly and was forced to downsize to an inch. I stayed there until it healed but stretched to an inch and a quarter once more for a few months then went up again, but I could only get my new plugs in one ear and not the other no matter how much I tried, so I impatiently taped my plugs until I got them both in. After this, my ears have never been so irritated. I think it was because the plugs I was wearing were made of plastic and my body for some reason did not agree with them. Once I had some slack in my lobes I ordered all the sizes I needed and decided I was going to stop at 2 inches.

Ive always had really thick earlobes and I knew they would be able to handle it, and they would have if I wasn't such an idiot. I got my plugs so I started taping away until I was at 1 5/8s, then 1 7/8s. I stayed at 1 7/8s for a few weeks before I started taping. For some reason my ears just would not stretch no matter how much I wanted them to. Me, being very impatient, decided to push the envelope and shove the two inch flesh tunnels into my ears thinking everything would be okay.

Let me just tell you, everything was not okay. My ears started dripping blood and puffed up like mad and hurt worse than ever before. I thought I would just go to bed and they would be okay when I woke up in the morning. When I woke up I was on a pillow soaked with my own blood, and my ears still throbbing uncontrollably. It even made it hard to sleep. I then realized that this wasn't normal and downsized my ears to 1 5/8s, but the damage was already done. My right ear healed fine but my left ear would not stop bleeding after about a week, so I decided to take my plugs out all together and let them heal. When they healed I realized that I tore my left ear leaving an almost paper thin area closest to my jawline. I tried putting plugs back in but it just got thinner and thinner. This brings us to present day. I have floppy ears that are about an inch in diameter and look pretty bad. My right one is beautifully healthy and could go to two inches no problem, but my left has a thi nspot about as thin as the cable on a set of headphones. I am grateful that my earlobe didn't rip entirely, but I regret being so impatient. I have recently gotten in contact with a local body mod artist that says he can remove the thin spot and sew it back together for 300 dollars. Seems like a fair price, but its gonna hurt like hell. I don't care though because I miss having plugs. I am now waiting to hear back from him to set up my appointment for two weeks from now. And I really cannot wait for it to be all healed up and I will no longer have to leave my beautiful lobes naked! If anyone has a similar story please do share it with me. Or if anyone has any experience with being scalpelled please also tell me about that.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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