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new school, new independence, new piercing

Ever since I got my second lobe piercings in sixth grade, I have had the desire to put more and more holes in my body. After having three sets of lobe piercings, one helix, my nose, and my navel pierced, I decided it was time for something more uncommon among my group of friends. That is when I started shopping around for my new body decoration. I came across a diagram of the "anatomy" of a totally pierced ear. The tragus was intriguing, but at the same time it was intimidating. None of my friends had theirs done. 

Unfortunately, I still lived in California with my parents, and my mom would probably kill me (she passed out when I showed her my nose after it was pierced). And I did not really want to fight over it because I was leaving in a couple of months. I stalked Google Images for pictures of all kinds of tragus piercings; vertical ones, infected ones, ones with keloids, ones with CBRs, ones with studs, everything that I could think of. I did my research, read experiences, watched videos, and talked to people who had theirs pierced. Finally August came around, and I moved out here to Pitt. 

I convinced one of the girls on my floor, Gabby, to come with me to this place we pass by all the time. It is on the University of Pittsburgh's campus, called Hot Rod Body Piercing. I wanted to make sure that this parlor was extremely clean because I am notorious for having my new piercings get infected, and I absolutely did not want to add any more bacteria to the situation. We opened the door, and it immediately smelled like a dentist office. Step one, a clean smelling shop, check. We then walked up a flight of stairs into the reception area. It was very nicely decorated, with vases, and paintings on the walls, and pretty lighting. Step two, a clean shop, check.  

We were helped immediately by a very nice man, although I do not know his name. He told me the total price and answered all of my questions. Step three, an educated and knowledgeable piercer, check. I chose my jewelry, and he took Gabby and myself into the back part of the shop, where all the piercings are done. There was all the typical stuff, a sink, a medical table, sterile equipment, etc. He sat me down and did the piercing so quickly! And there was virtually no pain. It was the least uncomfortable body modification I have done. Gabby watched the whole time and analyzed it for me when we left the shop. 

I had originally wanted to have a straight stud in my tragus, but the piercer recommended a captive bead ring (CBR), so I went with that. The only time it even remotely hurt that day, was when I accidentally hit it. I did not feel it at all that night. I'm sure I slept on it as well, and in the morning it was fine. I cleaned it the way he told me to, with sea salt and water once a day, for the first two weeks.  

During the third week I noticed a little bit of buildup on the backside of the piercing. Even though it is stupid and I do it every time, I started to pick at it. That is when it started to get a little bit more tender and have more buildup than before. I returned to the shop to ask if everything was healing like it should, and another piercer said it was a little swollen. He told me to take a Tylenol to reduce the swelling. So all of last week I took one Tylenol Extra Strength in the morning when I cleaned it, and one before bed. 

After that I tried Bactine to speed up the healing process and reduce the buildup because it helped my nose in the past. I learned that not all piercings heal the same way. In hindsight, this is obvious. So I broke out the sea salt again, this time I put the salt directly on the wound. I dipped a Q-Tip in water and swabbed both sides of the piercing. Then I used the other side (wet also) to dip into the sea salt. That is when I put the salt on both front and back of the piercing. I would highly recommend this. When I do this once in the morning and once at night, along with the Tylenol, the buildup and the swelling have virtually been eliminated. As long as I'm not touching it all day and irritating it, the piercing seems almost healed.  

I love my tragus piercing. If I had the chance, I would have done this much earlier. If there is anyone who is considering getting their tragus pierced, I would recommend it in a heartbeat. I love the look of it with a CBR so much now, that I don't know if I will be changing the jewelry anytime soon. But there is no harm in having jewelry on hand, so I will be shopping around. And while I'm doing that, I think I might as well save time by browsing around for my next piercing, because I know it won't stop here.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: he+didn%27t+say+his+name...
Studio: Hot+Rod+Body+Piercing
Location: Pittsburgh%2C+PA

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