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Inner left conch

I had gotten both of my conches done before, and both I had taken both out due to scarring on the back. However after thinking for a while I decided to just go ahead and try it again. Living in NYC there are a bunch of small parlors that seem a little sketchy, but so cheap.

I was down near 6th ave earlier today when I saw a parlor that I had walked by numerous times before. It is a pretty modern looking shop, clean and I have usually seen a person or two in there.

I went in, waited around for about ten minutes before I got someone's attention. It was pretty early in the day so I guess not many people were there working yet. Anyways, the cost for a inner conch was $25 without tip and tax. These are the same prices as the other place I had gone to at St.Marks and wanting to try a new place I just went ahead with it.

After I had picked out the CBR I wanted I was told that the piercer was not even there yet and it would be two minutes. I had a little trouble taking with the people that work there to get the ring that I wanted, I told them I wanted a wide 14g ring since the last time I had it done I had been told the ring was too small and put compression on my ear. Thats what led to the scar on the back. I suppose I will never know, but I ended up with a ring that I didnt really want but I suppose its ok and I can always go get it changed. Two minutes turned into five and then more. Eventually the piercer got there but was low on supplies and had to go to a shop a block over and grab another clamp. Even though I was told the store was 'just at the end of the block' it took a good seven minutes for him to get back with the supplies he needed. Why he was not prepared at 2pm confused me. I guess this was my lesson to research a piercing place better.

After everything was set to go he marked the spot on my ear that he thought looked good. I told him earlier that I had previously had it done and wanted it a little below the other spot. He marked it and I ok'd it. He then took everything out, needle, clamp, and ring. He lined up the needle with the mark on my ear and before I knew it it was through. When the needle was at the back of my ear I could feel the pop of the breaking of the skin. No warning, zip, zero, nothing. Along with all of the waiting I think no warning was the thing that peeved me the most. At most it was a slight pinch followed by a throbbing. I didnt get the hot feeling in my ear though that I have gotten with all the rest of my cartilage piercings.

He left the needle in for a while before he got the ring in and threaded it through. So as I was sitting in the chair with the needle in my ear, he seemed to be fiddling with the ring to get it the right size for the ball I sat in wonder at why he didn't do this beforehand. Compared to all the other piercers that I have been to this had to have been the slowest. In taking the time to pierce it, take the needle out and thread the jewelry and complete the whole thing. He took a long time to thread it, then he had trouble getting the ball in. After making two attempts he got it, my sore ear was ready to leave when he took a couple Q-tips and cleaned it quite roughly. Ouch! T_T. I think most piercers at least give a little warning before they shove a needle through you. . . Right?

Anyways, about 8 hours later it just hurts a little. Not as bad as before, maybe my ear is just used to getting abused. I think for a while Im going to stop piercing my ears since Im running out of things to do and so many of mine seem to get scarring anyways.

The moral of this story is never to go to the Village Rock tattoo. It was unprofessional and I will never go back. Of all the tattoo artists there I only saw tiny portfolios for each of them and none of the piercers had a portfolio of their work. Even smaller places, I found that piercers had taken some of their work and put it in a book.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Studio: Village+Rock+studio
Location: NYC

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