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He cut me.

It took me a lot of thought and consideration to decide that I would like to have my earlobe piercings scalpelled to a larger gauge. I now understand that scalpelling lobes to a higher gauge is something many people in our body modification community find difficult to tolerate,

but as usual, I choose the way I carry things out.

I have been stretching my lobe holes on & off for a number of years, with down-sizing in between, to build up the tissue & keep them nice & elastic, plenty of oil massages & love, even some swearing, begging & pleading, but no matter what actions I took, I only managed to coax a hard-won 9mm out of them, & no amount of patience, tape wrapping & wearing multiple BCRs as weights seemed to be having the desired effect.

In the run up to the cutting I was to receive, I massaged my lobes on a daily basis with coconut & vitamin E oils to encourage plentiful blood supply & elasticity, & I ordered my shiny blue anodized titanium flesh tubes in 14mm, ready for the big day, which seemed to arrive before I knew it!

After spending the day with my piercing & pierced friends, doing piercings for other people & generally avoiding taking my turn in the hot-seat, soon enough my moment came to be on the receiving end of the sharp objects, something which generally un-nerves me, I do prefer to be the person holding the sharp objects, but I had a very calming piercer doing this for me, & any nerves I had were simply replaced by excitement & happiness.

I watched Wayne as he lay out everything he would need for the procedure: several lovely, glinting scalpels: check, tissue forceps: check, lots of sterile gauze: check, pairs of sterile gloves: check, two shiny flesh tubes: check, 14mm tapers: check, plenty of lubricant: check, & wads of couch roll to catch the pints of blood I expected to lose: check.

All too quickly he was ready to go, and it was time to take my cutting like a brave girl.

First of all, Wayne marked-up, cleaned the tissue & clamped my left lobe, & then I felt the first sting of the blade,

yes, it was definitely happening, I could certainly feel the scalpel doing its work, guided by the hand of WayTay (as I like to call him),

it felt like a general sharp stinging sensation coupled with a firm, but not overly excessive tugging.

An approximate 3mm incision was made, which was then immediately stretched with a lubricated taper to make a now 14mm hole, & was quickly followed through by the first flesh tube.

Well I have to admit, the tapering stung much more than the scalpel & it seemed to take much longer than the cutting, but I feel sure this was just my perception.

I felt pleasantly light headed at this stage, not faint, just like a super-brave super-heroine, happily stoked on endorphins. It felt incredibly good.

It was soon time for the second lobe to be scalpelled, I felt a little less confident about this one, as the placement of the hole needed to be corrected, which would be more fiddly, & therefore slower progress, again, this was due to my awful school-days efforts at 'piercing' my lobes, & I knew there was plenty of scar-tissue to cut through there.

But the hole really did need to be moved, as in its current placement, even if I had managed to stretch it further, it would have simply been in the wrong place, so I had to bite the bullet, & take the consequences of my youthful foolishness.

So again, Wayne cleaned, marked up & clamped my lobe, & then to started cut.

It really did sting quite a bit, but I was not about to complain or move around, so I sat there in silence, fairly zoned out, secretly feeling an ecstatic sensation that comes with receiving something you really want.

Soon enough the cutting appeared to be done, & it was time to remove the clamp & then taper the hole up to my desired size, but this time the tapering wasn't so easy, the taper didn't want to push through, there was too much tissue resistance (which was a fairly intense sensation) & Wayne didn't want to exert too much pressure to the tissue, & so more cutting would be needed.

He cut the hole to just a millimetre or two wider, which was a less simple task this time, as there was more blood to work around & control, but again, we quickly reached the tapering up stage.

That lubed taper felt so soothingly cold for a moment in my burning lobe, until Wayne pushed it through, & it was a painful success! The taper was happy to oblige this time, & through it slid, followed by the second flesh tube, & then we were all done! Mission complete.

It was a really wonderful experience, I floated away from the piercing couch feeling absolutely fabulous, & super brave, & they are healing very nicely now. (Thanks Wayne)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Wayne+Taylor
Studio: Pink%27s+place
Location: Kent+UK

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