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DIY Lobe (Anti-Slip piercing)

My Second DIY Experience (on ME this time!)

I say second DIY experience, though technically didn't do this COMPLETELY by myself...

So it's been a few months since my last piercing, a Christina done three months ago just before my Graduation. I'm looking in the mirror admiring my recent stretching success and missing my recently departed transverse lobes and I think, cant I have something to replace them? Now Ive got pretty fleshy lobes as it is but I've decided I don't want to stretch my bottom or second holes anymore than I already have. I notice that there's quite a bit of flesh towards the outside of my ear between the first and second stretched holes. I thought to myself, that little area would look a bit prettier with a little silver dot in it...

I'd thought about getting a nies piercing, or Slip piercing as some people call it, but the weight of the jewellery I wear in my first and second stretched holes pushes my lobe towards my neck so there wasn't room to get anything like that. This seemed like the perfect answer, a sort of anti-slip piercing. Anyway, it came to Saturday night and with nothing else to do I chatted to my partner and asked him if he'd be able to pierce both sides for me. He said he would do it for me so we got started preparing everything. I found my clamps and got two 1.6mm flat back labret studs and we went to the kitchen and boiled them in a pan for about half an hour. This isn't the best way to sterilise clamps or jewellery as it doesn't kill all the germs that might be lying around on your equipment but it's the best I can do without forking out for an autoclave. We both washed our hands thoroughly before touching any equipment, needles etc. After draining the boiling water I place my clamps,
jewellery, and sealed needles out on a towel in the bathroom. We both washed our hands again and got started.

I looked in the mirror and took out both plugs from both sides of my ears so I can place the clamps on properly where I wanted them. When I was happy with the position of the left side Dan opened the first needle (12g) and placed it next to my flesh. I held the clamps in place so he had minimal things to do (he's a bit of a clutz sometimes...)He counted down and slid it through. Didn't hurt half as much as I thought it would (my Christina, last piercing I had hurt like a mother). I kept the clamps in place as he slid the labret stem through and screwed on the ball. I took a look in the mirror, and it was perfect! Considering he's never pierced anyone before he did really well. I started to clamp the other side, trying to get it even. When I was happy he repeated the procedure. This one took a little longer to get the needle through but when it was, he did the same, slid the stem through and screwed the ball on. I looked in the mirror and it was wonky! It didn't match the firs t side, plus I saw the reason it had taken longer to get the needle through; the needle had been passed through at a precarious angle, almost perpendicular to the side of my face. I had a look and it looked very odd compared to the first one, plus I decided it would interfere with the plugs in my bottom two holes. I sadly took it out and mopped up the blood (there was quite a lot as we'd used needles at 12g and jewellery at 14g).

I'm not annoyed at the fact I only got one out of two piercings I'd planned on because seeing as Dan had never piercing anyone before he did really well on my first hole. Being pierced at home with someone I'm very close to was a really nice experience, I was very wary and quite scared to begin with about the whole thing but I feel completely at ease about it now and I look forward to trying the right ear again in a week or so.

If anyone wants to do DIY piercings I'd say go for it. It's an amazing experience if you're doing it with someone close and you're doing it safely. Always used sealed and sterilised needles, and make sure your being as clean as possible. Do all you can to effectively sterilise any tools that you're going to use. I must repeat that boiling instruments and jewellery does not completely sterilise them but It's better to do as much as you can to cleanse them rather than use dirty instruments.

Please feel free to have a look at my IAM if you wanted to see pictures.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Dan%21
Studio: His+bathroom.
Location: Oxford

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