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00 to 1/2

My first piercing was acquired at the ripe age of 6, admittedly a young age for a boy in the United States. Harassment from classmates and peers hastily ensued and being young and impressionable I removed it just as hastily. However, as I grew older it became more acceptable for me to have shinny pieces of metal and stone in my ears and I pierced them again. Eventually I got the grand idea that gauges were the way to go and sought them out. Being young and lacking any amount of common sense, I quickly jumped from 16 to 8, 8 to 4, 4 to 2, 2 to 0, and 0 to 00, with the latter three taking place in about 3 weeks time.

I'm not sure if I loved the adrenaline rushed that ensued after the taper slipped passed that final little ridge, of the astonished looks on my friends faces when they realized what I had just done with a smile on my face and no blood in sight. Either way I reached a point of no return. I decided, after seeing a lovely pair of wooden 1/2s, that I needed them, and that I wouldn't settle for getting the 00 version perched next to them in the case. Twenty-five dollars was all I needed, and my girlfriend at the time was more than willing to spot me so that she could witness the feat I was about to attempt.

Though I had no formal procedure I always followed the same steps. First I would hold the lovely pieces in my hand, and get to know their weight, imagining how the tug would feel once they were placed perfectly in my ear. I would consider whether I really wanted to do it, if I wanted to risk rejection, ripping my lobe in half, infection? Yes, yes I did. Mechanically I poured Hydrogen Peroxide into a cup, dropped the ram horn shaped halfs in, and located my Neosporin.

1/2s hurt.

I don't think they would have hurt so badly had I done it properly or had I been patient. But none the less I had a pair of 1/2s in, and I was on top of the world.

Then I realized I was going to the rodeo, well actually PBR(Professional Bull Riding). We had gotten tickets to the event a few weeks early more as a joke than anything. I grabbed a bag of chew and the cow boy hat I found at the thrift store, and set out a new man(with ears swelling more and more by the minute).

I'm not sure if you know this, but you have to clap a lot at a rodeo. After the National Anthem, when people get introduced, after someone finishes riding a bull, etc. all require clapping. Clapping requires you to move you arms and smash them together, which happens to vibrate the entire body. The ears are attached to the head, which is attached body via the neck. Normally this action is painless save for potential discomfort in the hand after clapping repeatedly. This was not a normal night though.

The pressure and swelling from the random and mildly extreme stretching caused excruciating pain in both ears every time my hands met. Every time I clapped it felt like a million red hot knives trust into my ear lobes.

I couldn't take the pain, something that had never happened before.

Needless to say we left early.

Well, we got home, I got some, and passed out shortly there after.

I swear it was one of the worst nights of sleep I have ever gotten.

The next day I stopped at the same store and got a pair of 7/16 double flares(which was also a terrible decision as far as the style of jewelry and cowardly retreated down a size.

The 7/16s fell out at some point whilst I was asleep, and the location of the missing piece remains unknown. Thus I sit today not with the 1/2s that I had wanted in my lobes, but rather the 00s that I started with.

Beyond being an entertaining anecdote about stretching my ears, this tale offers so wonderful lessons. For instance skipping a size or two in the stretching process can be a great idea, up to a certain point. 00 to 1/2 is a difference of about 2mm in diameter. 2mm in diameter is about 6.5mm in circumference. Circumference in this case is the amount of skin that has to be added to hole in your ear. If you are new to stretching and gauges keep that in mind as go up sizes.

Also any piercing, stretching, or other mod has a fairly good chance of hurting or at least being tender. Keep that in mind when you decide to stretch those holes, or pierce your nips, or get that tattoo. Discomfort while most likely accompany the fresh look. Plan wisely, if you are going to be really active and irritate the area you are modifying postpone the mod or cancel the plans.

Patience is a virtue, and good planning can make all the difference.


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on: 28 Sept. 2009
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