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stretching my ears from 18g to 8g in one sitting

I've always been fond of slight body mods, by this I mean not too extravagant piercings and stretched ears (I like tattoos but on other people, not me). I like the fact that you can take them off without them leaving huge marks on your body. I've had my left helix pierced thrice (by myself) and my right ear head pierced at a shop near my town and was looking for something else to have done on me.

I read lots of reviews on BME to help me make up my mind. I decided that I wouldn't get my face pierced (since that's not allowed in my school and I didn't think they would look good on me) and that I would pierce one of my ears instead, but I still couldn't think of any ear piercing that I would really like to get. I was about to give up on my body mod journey when stretching my ears came to my mind and I thought "why not?"

After some research, I decided I wouldn't stretch my ears more than 8g because I didn't want something too big on my ears, so the next day I went to the shop where I had had my ear head done and asked the guy there whether he could do it, and he said he could. I was worried about my ears getting ripped but he told me there was no risk at all. For some reason, I didn't find his answer very convincing so the next day I went to a different shop. I was welcomed by a girl this time (who had her ears stretched) and I asked her the same questions I had asked the other guy. She said that if the size was too big, the piercer wouldn't do it. I liked her answer so much better! So I decided I was gonna have them done there.

I returned to the shop a week later with a friend, my ID and some money. The same girl was there and I told her what I wanted. She showed me the flesh tunnels and made me decide between the two smaller sizes. I thought that if I was going to stretch my ears I rather go for the biggest size. She said it was the best choice and told me to wait and that the piercer would call me. 5 minutes later he did. Me and my friend went upstairs and the piercer told me to sit on a chair next to him, there were 3 other guys there waiting to get tattooed/pierced, the guy was wearing gloves and a surgical mask. He asked me for my name, I answered him and immediately grabbed my friend's hand. Then the whole process started.

He started with my left ear. The holes in my lobes are so tiny, that he had to re-pierce it with another needle, so far, so good. After doing this, he took the first taper and made it go through my lobe. Some strong, bearable pressure and it was done. Now it was time for the second taper. I can't say I wasn't surprised. I had read so many times that stretching wasn't something painful so I wasn't expecting pain at all. But this was definitely painful, not so much, but painful indeed. After a minute, it was time for the second taper. This time, the pain was much stronger. I clenched my teeth and it was over. Now the third taper. Even stronger pain and it was over again. At last, the fourth taper. The most painful one. After some seconds it was already out and the flesh tunnel was in. Before starting with my right ear he asked me if I wanted to drink some cold water. I said I was okay, but told him to wait some minutes before starting with my other ear. After I had cooled down
a little, he began. The same process all over again, but this time it was a lot more painful, I squeezed my friend's hand as hard as I could and after some minutes it was all over. Brand new ears for me!

I thanked the guy and went downstairs, I checked my ears out in a mirror and they looked totally awesome! The girl in the counter asked me if I felt okay and I told her I was fine. She turned on a fan on one of the walls for me and gave me some tips on how she had taken care of her ears when she had them stretched. She was really, really nice to me. My friend bought me a bottle of iced coke that I used to cool my ears down, I paid and we left. After an hour, my ears looked almost normal which made me feel extremely relieved because I knew my mom would be worried if she saw them all red.

It's been one day since I had my ears stretched and they feel great. At times they burn a little and when I woke up this morning one looked kind of bloody but it's not big deal. I have been spraying them with some healing solution I had bought some time ago and cleaning them with alcohol.

If you are planning on stretching your ears think about the pain before you do it, but I can tell you that you won't regret it! If you live near Lomas I recommend you to go to Lomas City, they are great people and it's a really hygienic place.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: didn%27t+ask+for+his+name
Studio: lomas+city
Location: Lomas+de+Zamora%2C+Buenos+Aires%2C+Argentina

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