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New Tragus Piercing

Yesterday I got my right tragus pierced. I worked all day and shortly after I got home I asked my husband to accompany me to the local tattoo/piercing studio for moral support and to drive me home afterwards, just in case I was feeling woozy.

We arrived at Saint Tattoo and I asked to speak with their piercer, Bryan. I inquired about having the piercing done with a curved barbell or a labret stud instead of a ring and Bryan told me it would be fine to do with either. He had time then, so he got a copy of my ID and gave me the appropriate form to fill out and sign for my consent. While I was filling out the form he was gathering all of his necessary implements of destruction and when I was finished he called me back to the piercing room.

He explained to me that he would first clean my ear and then mark it with a toothpick dipped in a little bit of dye (more sanitary than a felt-tipped pen/marker) and then I could check out the placement and we'd go from there. He proceeded to mark my tragus and as soon as I gave the okay he began to explain the procedure and told me that if at any time I had any questions to let him know. Bryan opened the jewelry (a 16g. 5/16" curved barbell) and the needle and told me to let him know when I was ready. I told him to just go ahead with it and off we went.

He did not use any clamps, but told me that I would feel a slight pinch while he was lining up the front and back markings. Basically he had the needle part way through my tragus and was making sure it would come out the front in the correct place. After that initial pinch there was a large amount of pressure and some stinging as he pushed the needle all the way through and proceeded to thread an extension through the piercing, followed it by the jewelry. I did not hear my cartilage pop or crunch; I just felt lots of pressure. Through the whole thing Bryan repeatedly asked me if I was okay, which I was. Once he got the barbell in he paused for a second to get the second bead to put on it and told me, "I am going to be as nice as possible to you right now, but this may hurt a little." It made me laugh because I knew he was trying to put the tiny ball on the end of the barbell and they can be really frustrating sometimes. He had it on within 3 seconds of coming at my ear and he did not hurt me at all. He told me he was finished and to just sit there as long as I needed in case I felt faint. After just a couple of minutes I got up to look in the mirror. It was perfect! The placement, the jewelry, everything was perfect!

Bryan took a few minutes to go over the aftercare and gave me a brochure with all the info I would need to care for my new piercing properly. He also wrote down the date, jewelry size/type and his name so I would know everything if I needed to call him about something. He told me to come back in about 8 weeks and he would switch out the jewelry for me to a shorter barbell or a different style all together.

We went out front and I paid and tipped him and told him how great of a job he did. He told me again that if I had any questions or had any problems to call or just come back in to see him. I mentioned that I did not live far, so I would definitely be back. We continued to talk for a few minutes and come to find out we live only a matter of blocks from each other (small world)!

My tragus has had a dull, constant ache since I got it pierced, but that was only 15 hours ago and with the aid of some ibuprofen, it is doing fine (the ache has subsided unless I make a crazy face or laugh really hard). Overall, my experience was wonderful and I would definitely recommend getting a tragus piercing if you have wanted one. It was not as painful as I expected and I will probably go back to get my other one done when this one heals. If you are ever in the area I would highly recommend going to visit Bryan at Saint Tattoo. He is great and really knows what he is doing and how to put you at ease by letting you know everything he is doing and what to expect from it all!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Bryan+Campbell
Studio: Saint+Tattoo
Location: Knoxville%2C+TN

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