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my stretching experience.

I wasn't one of those lucky girls that get their ears pierced a couple of weeks after birth. In fact, I had to wait twelve long years just to know what having pretty earrings felt like. I got my ear lobes pierced when I was 12, several days after my birthday. My parents took me to an accessory store in the mall where they pierced ears. I remember picking out the earrings, and listening to the aftercare instructions diligently I remember sitting on the chair and holding my dad's hand, I remember the smell of alcohol and the feeling of the lady cleaning my lobe, I remember her marking my ears and my parents making sure they were aligned properly, I remember the woman asking me to take a deep breath, the earring piercing my lobe, fresh stinging pain, twice. I had the biggest smile on my face My ears were pierced and although I didn't know it back then, I had just stepped on the path to an obsession. I got several more piercings along the way but these are the ones that matter mo st.

Sometime after I pierced my lobes a second time, I was in town with my mother. We were stepping up into a store when I saw the most peculiar man. I still remember his wild unruly hair and his lobes, they were huge, he had beautiful carved plugs in his lobes. At first I felt curiosity, for a moment disgust, wonder. This was the first time I had seen somebody with plugs. Only for a few seconds, but it had gotten me thinking, and I asked questions and I wondered. I pictured myself with plugs but I never thought I would ever do something like that. I pushed the thought away for a while.

As the years went by my curiosity for piercings remained. I experimented with self piercing and also went to a tattoo shop to get my nose done. There I saw more men with big plugs, and the thought of the man in that store came back to me. I was again curious but I didn't ask the man how he had made his ears so big. I had not seen a girl with plugs yet, so I thought it was a guy thing. I found the perfect circles beautiful. I thought maybe someday, I could have plugs.

Fast forward to several years later, I was in my junior year so I went out with my friends a lot more often making it easier for this kind of thing. I finally found out how this stretching business took place and I thought I was ready to take a small step towards my stretching. I bought a pair of 16g captive rings at a jewelery stand and then at the food court shoved them into my lobes. The pain was fresh and instant, I was happy for the rest of the day and my parents didnt even notice.

I kept my 16g until the middle of my senior year, I remember buying a pair of 14's at hot topic. I left them in for a while and forgot about them, sometime around there I discovered sculpey, and i began to experiment with tapers. I had a sculpey made taper in at all times. I sized up pretty quickly, I got up to a six gauge and in came the infections. I loved the fact that i could see through the hole in my ear, it made me smile. My ears weren't so happy about it though. They reddened everytime i would try to push a taper in, they would sting horribly, and then they started to swell, I ignored it all. St some point my ears changed from a reddish color to an almost purple color, It scared me so i took my tapers out and was rewarded with a stream of pus and blood as it slid out. I decided to just wash my ear, put antibiotic on it and stick the taper back in. Mistake. In the long run I ended up having to take them out completely.

I started college and there were few people with plugs but they were there. I was glad I wouldnt be the only one. I still would only use sculpey tapers and get huge infections from it. I had moved to a new town and had a job and several tattoo shops on the street where i lived. I made friends and they encouraged me, they advised me to get a pair of real jewelery before my ears fell off. The figured out my size was roughly a 2G so i bought a pair of acrylics. I was ecstatic. I had stretched ears! I could see through them. They looked great. But they were small.

I went to hot topic for my 0's once my 2's were fully healed, the guy there wished me luck, saying it itched a little bitch, that was an understatement. I had thought I had the whole plug thing under control, I didn't buy tapers because I thought I wouldn't need them. hah, I ended up having to make my own tapers out of sculpey. This has been my worst infection yet. The stretch lasted several days, my friends told me my ears looked like hams. Eventually I managed to get the 0's though. It was hard and I bled but oh it was so worth it. My ears were bigger and it looked so great, by the next day the swelling was almost all gone and I didn't feel any pain.

the transition to 00 was fairly quick and I didn't have a need for tapers. several months after that i had bought some 7/16's with a taper, everything went fine. I stayed at 7/16 for a year exactly. Then decided to go up to 1/2 an inch with sculpey tapers. It took a long while and a lot of thinking, mainly because i wasn't sure If it was okay to go much bigger. I knew that I wanted to go bigger than 7/16 but I wasn't sure I was ready yet, eventually I went up to 1/2 an inch and I stayed there for a month or two. I had only one pair of plugs, bulky externally threaded pain in the ass plugs. they were annoying and I had to take them off constantly.

I found a website that carried a large variety of plugs and i bought two pairs. both 9/16ths of an inch. I'm tapering (with normal tapers this time) as I type this and I will be staying at this size for a while. I'm not exactly where I want to be but I feel like I'm getting close. Overall I've learned quite a bit about what I can and can't do with my body, for one I finally learned that using sculpey in your ears isn't safe at all, and the damage it could cause would cost much more than a 5$ taper. Also I found that antibacterial soap worked best when washing infected ears. I recommend that if you do have an infection you take your taper out and just wait till your lobe heals before you start again. I've been told im very lucky to not have blowouts or any damage at all even.


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on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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