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My (now retired) 4g Lobes

To start out with, I'll tell you a bit about myself. My name is Kaley, and I'm 15. I wasn't always interested in body modifications, it's only been a few years since I've really been into the whole deal. I currently have 6 piercings, all of which are on my lobes. unfortunately, all of them have been done with a gun. My first pair I got when I was five, my second pair when I was twelve, and my third this last summer. They've all healed nicely :). I remember first seeing stretched earlobes when I was around 6, and they just amazed me.( thinking back, I'd imagine them to be a 0g) I couldn't understand how he could get such a large object into his ear, it was just so interesting. When I asked him how he did it, he told me that he just stretched his ear piercings to get them to fit. I didn't find this disgusting in any way, I just thought it was kind of strange. After that, I hadn't really given much thought to stretched earlobes until relatively recently.

About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to start stretching my earlobes. No, not to be cool, not to fit in with any sort of group, but because i loved the way they looked, and i felt thqt it would be a self inprovement. I didn't really have a goal size in mind, I was just going to keep stretching until I found a size that I wanted to stay at.

I think my lobes were pierced at a 20g, and thanks to wearing heavy dangly earrings, they were quite stretchy at first. My first two stretches were uneventful. The first was to a 16 gauge, using some steel circulars. I left them in for about a month, unsure of how long to wait. After reading about stretched lobes, I figured it would be fine for me to skip a size and go to a 12g, which worked perfectly fine. The steel circulars went in smoothly, I didn't experience any pain or difficulties.

About a week after stretching to a 12g, I used some acrylic pinchers to stretch to a 10. I lubed them up, and stared to slide them in. The left one went in easily, but the right one was a little more stubborn. It took a little force to get it in, but eventually I succeeded with little pain. A week or two after this, I then proceeded to stretch to an 8g. This stretch was much tougher than the other had been, even though the taper was well lubed up. I first tried my left ear, but the taper wouldn't go in more than about halfway, so I decided to take a hot shower. After the hot water had softened the tissue, I then massagedy lobe for a few minutes before reinserting the taper. This time the taper went in much easier, and I followed it with a plug. The next ear took much longer. after massaging the lobe for a few minutes, the taper would only go in for about halfway before it would start hurting, so I waited for it to calm down before pushing it in further. Bit by bit the taper w ent through, followed my the plug. Success! I didn't really have any problems with this stretch, so it's all good :)

I left my lobes at an 8g for about two months, after about a month I had tried to slip in 6g acrylic pinchers, but they wouldn't budge. Eventually, I was given I pair of glass plugs by a nice glassblower in my area, and these really encouraged me to stretch. the night I got them, I tried to push them in, just barely though. I could feel the end of the plug through the whole, so I carefully pushed it through, using lube. it didn't hurt very much, but it was still tender, I had gotten my third set of lobes done that day too. The other ear(the stubborn one) wouldn't stretch that night, so I just stretched it the l next night using the same method. The next couple of days my ears crusted up pretty bad on the bad, but I just cleaned that off with some saline solution, it wasn't really a problem.

My last stretch was about a month and a half after. My 6g plugs were quite loose, I could pull the front flare through the hole by now. I lubed up a steel taper and it went through like butter, accompanied by a slight burning, which was fine. I followed the taper with a glass plug, and did the same with my other ear. My ears healed up well, without any complications.

I had decided that I was going to stretch up to a 0g, and I bought a set of 2g tapers. however, before I got to use them, my conservative mom finally noticed my ears, and demanded that I take them out, which I did while she was home. I wore the plugs while she wasn't around, but on the weekends I couldn't wear them. when I tried to put the plugs back in at school, they had shrunken to a 6g, so I just wore pinchers instead of retapering them to a 4g. Instead of trying to keep them stretched, I just let them shrink back down to a standard earring size. I really miss my stretched lobes, but I'll get them back eventually :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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