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Gauging skip. Damn it hurts.

When I was smaller, my dad always asked if I wanted my ear pierced. I had seen my favorite power ranger, Tommy, with a little loop through his ear (I was around 5 at this point) but I thought it would hurt. I mean, it's a piece of metal being shoved forcefully through an area not meant to have a hole. How much more painful does it have to sound? I did once, got one ear pierced, but the lady, using a gun, mind you, screwed it all up and made it go through at an angle resembling a slash mark, . After that, I decided I probably wouldn't get them done again. Then came the month of December, 2008.

I got my ears pierced on a whimsical joke. My father and I were walking through the mall, passing by a Claire's and he said, "Let's get your ear pierced." Previously, I'd refused his offers, but this time I said yes. It was quick, lobe piercings usually are. After my six weeks probationary period of having my piercings, I decided to get a new set. Studs are boring. I bought a set from Wal-Mart's 'Hot Silver' rack, just a pair of black, sixteens. I didn't know they were sixteens, but they popped in like my studs did, no problem. I'd seen stretched earlobes before, but never had the balls to do it.

My friend and I were sitting at my house, discussing our earring options. He'd pierced his on his own at home, two in one lobe and one in the other. We decided we'd get new earrings and start gauging. We went to Wal-Mart and bought a set of fourteens. He shoved his through without a problem. I forced mine through, but my right ear bled a bit. It wasn't what I expected at all. So I'd had my fourteens in for nearly seven months.

This is where it gets interesting. I moved here, to PA, and met some friends in town who had gauged ears. Earlier today, my friend Ashley and I helped another friend, Zach, to gauge his ear to a four. I'll admit, I laughed at his stupid faces.

Later that same day, maybe two hours later, I asked ashley if I could borrow her taper. She handed over the taper willingly, and began to shove it in my ear. The first push was fine, just sliding up the taper. Second stung a bit. The next push made me yell, ripping your ear hurts like a motherfucker. So I keep pushing at it, but it stopped. It wouldn't move, and I'm a pretty strong guy. With each attempt to force it through, it hurt more and more and more! Little did I know my ears were sensitive.

I decided I was too far to stop now, then told ashley to come finish it for me. I bit the collar of my shirt and she punched it through, though rather painfully. I took the taper and forced it through a second time, just to make sure. She handed me a white, tapering loop. I shoved it in my ear, and it stretched it a bit more, making it hurt to go in. It felt more like a 3 than a 4. It stung, horribly.

I fiddled with it through the night, trying to twist it, but it wouldn't spin. I took it out and kept looping it through, with hurt each time, seeing as how it's a fresh wound.

The next morning, I pulled it out to pour saline through the hole, seeing as it's big enough to now. It starts bleeding. Bleeding, bleeding, bleeding, a stream coming down my face of it. I held pressure to it, stopped the bleeding, poured the solution through, then, through a HIGHLY sensitive, just bleeding ear, I forced the earring. Damn that was stupid. Now I'm cringing, the pain pulsing like a fresh bee sting, and I'm warning you. Don't skip. It's hella painful and it's hella bloody. I don't know if I'll do anything past the 4, seeing as 2 is the Point of No Return, but I've always wanted the same ones my old friend had. She had these gorgeous white tunnels that were 1/2s. I wanted them. My sister's new girlfriend has some too, and I'm still jealous. But if beauty is pain, then damn, gauging must be unbelievably gorgeous!

I skipped from 14-4. Look on a sizing chart, then tell me it's fine. It was stupid, but I wanted to gauge my ears and make up for lost time. So now, I have one ear gauged, the other still not done. I think I'm doing the other right. Not with one leap. Please for your own sake of pain, don't skip anything. Progress each size and carefully think about it before you try it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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