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Forward Helix Trouble!

So first of all I'll explain my piercing addiction. When I was six, I begged my mother to let me get my lobes pierced and she said I could get them done when I was 18. Six weeks of begging later and I had two beautiful green studs in my ears, courtesy of the local pharmacy and a piercing gun. My next earring didn't come until about five years later when I decided I wanted a second hole but only on my right ear, and, after months more of begging I got it done. The next piercing I got was spur of the moment and I got my cartilage pierced with a gun at a really dodgy chemist. I didn't know better at the time, but I've thankfully never had any issues with it so no complaints there. Then I got another one halfway up my ear and my mother saw both my new piercings and FREAKED OUT. But I had the piercing bug, so I went back to get my Tragus pierced six months later. I tried to take it out straight away but it was a twist off and after heaps of painful attempts, I gave up. Luckily it
didn't get infected and I love it now! Anyway, then I went to get my nose pierced (by this time my mother had given up on me).

My eighth piercing was my forward helix which I decided to get one day because I had enough money in my bank account and none of my friends had it (pretty bad reasoning, but try telling me that.) I had gotten both my tragus and nose pierced at Hairhouse Warehouse and was on pretty good terms with the piercer. It was right at the end of the day but she just had enough time to squeeze me in. I asked her if she'd ever pierced this position before and she said yes, so I felt pretty confident about it.

I went into the piercing room and she went through the regular sterilised instruments, explaining everything and told me she was putting a curved barbell in there as it was easiest. I lay down and she did the breathe in/breathe out thing and then the needle went through. I didn't really feel as much pain as with the tragus so I was ok with it. However it took a bit of trouble to get the earring through and for the first time ever I bled. Two minutes later I walked out super happy - it was barely hurting and looked awesome!

About a week went by and I had been cleaning it regularly and noticed a small lump starting to form on top of it. It was tiny and I just continued cleaning it with the hope it would go away, which it did, however my piercing still had the after-piercing tenderness. Two weeks later, the lump was back, the same size and the tenderness continued. Again it went away, only to continue coming back despite my cleaning. About two months passed and I stopped cleaning the piercing as the lump had gone away and hadn't come back for a while and the piercing was feeling great. This wasn't the case, and the lump came back bigger and more painful that ever. I went back to Hairhouse Warehouse but Michelle wasn't there and the girl at the counter said that I would have to go to the doctor to get it checked out because she thought it was a keloid, which completely freaked me out. However, after extensive research online, i deduced that it was a hypertrophic scar and could be treated with eithe r tea-tree oil, sea salt or chamomile tea compresses.

Stupidly, I went for the harshest one first, and dabbed tea-tree oil on my completely massive lump. Epic fail and the lump got bigger and much much much more painful. I straight away started using chamomile compresses which worked slowly but like a dream (and my mother bought heaps because she though i'd started drinking it) the lump started slowly going away. As a result of sheer laziness, I stopped doing chamomile compresses, but the lump has almost gone away nevertheless. It's still a little tender and I'm planning on starting them again because they worked so well last time but they are incredibly time consuming (you have to sit for about ten minutes with tea dripping down your neck) and you have to do them about three times a day (which is a little strange to do at school during lunch time)

Despite all the trouble I had, I really didn't want to take the piercing out, which is why I went through so much trouble. On its good days it looks awesome so I don't regret it at all despite all the trouble that I've gone through with it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Michelle
Studio: Hairhouse+Warehouse
Location: Sydney

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