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- Done already ?

  • I've always wanted to get both a vertical and horizontal piercing in one of my ears so I decided to get the horizontal done first. At the time I was in Sweden visiting my family and having 2 friends over from the UK and one of them also wanted to get pierced!

I have a list of piercings I want to have done, but it didn't take me long to pick the one I decided to get done! I have mostly been recently focusing on getting hidden piercings, but now I felt like getting one that shows all the time . .

Me and my friend decided to get pierced together and I picked to get my horizontal industrial done right after he got his 2 apadravya's!

Initially I wrote in a Swedish Forum asking of what piercing studios people recommend and several people wrote recommending Poul so I emailed him and asked him about times and such. When I called him he was really happy when he picked up and I felt he had a very lively and glad energy about his voice! We had a little mix-up at first regarding the date & time but it was nothing big but eventually we ended up meeting to get the piercings done.

I didn't really think about me getting it, since I was mainly thinking about how I was going to film my friend getting his done and thinking of things he might need when it comes to the aftercare, so I didn't have much free mind space to get myself worked up. Which in hindsight is really good because I normally have a tendency to get myself really worked up!

But once my friend was done with his piercings and Poul cleaned it and I sat down in the chair and realized it was my turn, I started getting a tad nervous. Luckily Poul was extremely good and very relaxed and on top of things at the same time so it didn't take long until I was done getting pierced.

Poul first asked how I wanted it and I explained I want to eventually get a Vertical Industrial as well to form a cross and therefore want it as straight as possible, and he asked if I wear glasses, then he drew it out. It was perfect and nothing needed to be changed!

This was my 2nd cartilage piercing ever. The first one being my nostril which has been a part of my body for a Long time and I have had for 10 years or so. I don't remember how much that one hurt when I got it, also it was done with a piercing gun [long before I knew how bad and unsterilized those are!]. Now after reading the Piercing Bible, I know much more of the hazards of those . .

I felt how he did the first one of the holes and then when he pierced the 2nd one I for some reason thought he was putting the bar in, it was all just Much less painful than I thought it would be! I must say from all my piercings, this one is the least painful one, while being performed. I was a bit confused but my friend who I had filmed earlier, told me what he was doing and I was just shocked at how less painful it really was than my imaginary expectant high level of pain.

After I got my first hole done I relaxed a lot more, because I was tensing up way too much, for something that doesn't really hurt that much at all!

I was surprised when he told me he was pretty much done, all he needed to do was to just put in the last ball! I was surprised because it all went so smoothly and quickly!

Afterward Poul also told me I could come in a month or so later to get the bar changed to a shorter one, which is very good! Therefore, next time I visit Sweden around Christmas when my Industrial is healed, I will definitely go there and get it changed and get some more piercings done at the same time!

Now I've lived with it for 6 days and I can finally sometimes rest my head on that side of the head without it hurting too much, but really I think people draw up a very painful imagery of how much it will actually hurt . . when it in reality doesn't hurt that much at all!

Later on the same day I went to a mall with my friends and tried on glasses which I like to do, and totally forgot about my piercing and it didn't hurt one bit because Poul decided on a perfect placement!

All I can say now is that if you're every in South of Sweden or near Copenhagen, just jump on a train and go to Anatomorph and get pierced by Poul Chin, he's a brilliant piercer!

Peace, Love and Respect,



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Poul+Chin
Studio: Anatomorph
Location: Malm%F6%2C+Sweden

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