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Acting on Impulse

I wouldn't normally reccomend getting anything done to your body on impulse. I am cautiou, perhaps overly so, and I like to plan, and plan, and plan some more before body mods. This is probably why I'm 23 and have only two tattoos and my ears pierced.

Well, apparently getting pierced on impulse can be a good thing. I'd been debating a lot of piercings for some while but caution (and, if I'm honest, fear of self-actualisation) had been preventing me. "I'll need to book in advance" I said "Make sure I'm prepared."

Until friday, when I met up with a friend for shopping and chatting. We were in a shop, I was chatting about my plans for future piercings (all the way up my ear, my tragus, my rook, clitoral hood, etc) and saying I wasn't quite ready yet. She looked at me all big blue eyes, grinned and said 'Ok, lets get our tragus pierced. Right now.' To my undying surprise, I agreed. So off we went to the closest studio, who told us it was about a fifteen minute wait. We filled out forms and spent some time looking at flash. I decided I wouldn't want a tattoo there- I'm very fussy- but their piercing work seemed very good.

In the time we were waiting, a pretty girl came in with her mum. She must have been under sixteen, as her mum had to sign a permission slip. She came out of the studio witha lovely, perfectly placed and very flattering vertical labret piercing. I'm currently debating having that done myself. Maybe I'll do that on impulse too... I have been informed by my manager at work that I am allowed one visible facial piercing, and that would be the one I chose.

In less than fifteen minutes we were up. My friend went first, and was out in five minutes. 'Did it hurt?' She shrugged at me. My turn. I was frightened. I always am with any change to myself. If I don't turn myself into the person I want to be it's easier. I get to be depressed and give no reason why. Every tattoo, every piercing makes my life harder, becuase it strips my excuses away. As such, they are all very important to me. Ho! Towards self-actualisation! Towards self-love! Towards having to make something of my life!

Russ prepped the area, asked me which side I wanted it on. I sleep on my right, so I got the left side pierced. He got me to lie down, made a dot on my ear and checked the placing. Fine, I said. Fine. He got me to turn my head and it was time. He was chatting to me about where I worked, tattoos, how he was running out of space. I was musing that he was pretty hot and that I might come back- just for a taste of the hotness.

The actual sensation was strange. It didn't hurt, a feeling of pressure and then a shock, a pop. I grunted, and he reassured me it was a shock for everyone. A little fiddling about and I had a ring in there. Nice. He gave me an aftercare sheet, asked me to come back if there were any problems, gave me a (somewhat sexy) smile and I was on my way, a little shaky and high as a kite.

It didn't hurt for about ten, twenty minutes and then it was horrible... so we downed some painkillers and were fine. We went out drinking after that though- something I definately would NOT reccomend after a fresh piercing, and yes, we were dumb, so you can stop right there. We only meant to have one drink but it turned into MANY MORE.

Healing was weird- because it's all cartilage the skin wouldn't flex around the area and sometimes it bled. Mine stuck out at a funny angle for the first four days until a cleaning dislodge some crust and gunk and it immediately moved into the position it should be in. It hurt less and less each day, looking less and less red and swollen. Now it's very pretty and I can't wait to get a bar of some kind in- maybe purple titanium- as I don't like the look of the ring. I'll just have to wait for it to heal though, I guess.

It was a great experience, and maybe I'll be a little less overly-cautious in future... on payday (my day off as well) I'm planning to go back and get something else done, don't know what, so acting on impulse this once made sure I would get what I wanted in future. Acting on impulse can sometimes be just what you need to do.

(I still wouldn't suggest impulse tattoos though)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Russ
Studio: Indigo
Location: Norwich%2C+Norfolk%2C+UK

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