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Tragus Piercing

I've wanted my tragus pierced for a long time and it took a while to build up my courage to get it done, I knew who I was going to trust to do it as Iv let Salamanders do everyone of my piercings.

I made my way up to Derby with my best friend who was also having he r tragus done and I booked in to have my tragus pierced, while I was waiting I felt really nervous and sick which I'm sure most would before getting a new piercing, I was talking a load on nonsense to my friend to forget about what I was about to do. Mark (Which I will name him for now as I forgot his name) is in my opinion the best piercer in derby and is extremely care full and takes his time on all my piercings, I and all my friends which have all had a piercing or 2 have always gone to him.

Waiting is the worst bit, I could say its worse than the piercing itself because you know whats coming, but as the needle goes in you think what was all the fuss about, that and the fact that he freezes it so its pretty painless. My friend watched in horror as I scrunched my face up waiting for the pain but I hardly felt anything.

I couldn't wait to see how it looked, I felt him fiddling around and place the bar into the fresh new hole and I was so relieved. He passed me the mirror and it looked beautiful beside all my other ear piercings! I was so happy.

And that was it, I got out the chair thinking that wasn't bad at all, went straight to the front desk and booked in to have my tragus on the other side done. I was hooked on the adrenaline and only wanted more, so I payed and had to wait once more (as my friend was now in their) which by this time the adrenaline had worn off but I was still excited and eager to get the second one done. I was thinking about what my boyfriend would say but I didn't care at the time. My friend came out and shown me hers and it was bleeding more than mine did but she was really pleased with it, It was now my second turn and It flew by quickly. I thought to myself no more until these heal. Both my ears throbbed and as I walked out into the cold wind it was quite soothing.

That night it was so hard to sleep, I couldn't sleep on either side of my head as the pain was really bad and I could only sleep facing up! So was the next day, and the day after that. Until it started to settle and the pain lessened over the week, I had to be careful with everything, it was hard to wash my hair and brush it, Id catch them while putting my hair behind my ears and putting my hair up as I would forget they were their.

At first they were both quite red and looked swollen but after taking good care of them they soon looked loads better. I kept in a routine of cleaning them with boiling salt water which was soothing, but they would throb so much after. I cleaned them once or sometimes twice a day if I remembered and I didn't have any problems at all with them. I really loved the sensation of the boiling water around the fresh hole it kind of relieved the pain from the piercing quite a bit.

I've just been back today and had them both changed to bigger bars for the little extra space and it felt so good because they were loose and more free, but now they really hurt again and its now a bit painful to sleep on either of them but I'm hoping this will not last long.

As for my friend who had hers done at the same time took hers out because it went quite red and the pain was too much for her, she said it was so relieving taking it out after not being able to sleep on that side for so long. She regrets it so much now though. You've just got to wait it out until the pain subsides and it heels, its really not that bad and it looks amazing in the end. I'm so glad I got both of mine done and stuck the pain and sleepless nights, although if I could of I would of got them done separately as sleeping was very difficult not being able to rest on either side.

Once they heel I'm planning on getting my nook done and scaffold which I cant wait for.

I really love my new piercings and if anyone is thinking of getting their tragus pierced go ahead, its not as bad as you think as long as you go to someone you can trust.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Unknown+name%2C+but+only+piercer+in+the+shop
Studio: Salamanders
Location: Derbyshire%2C+Derby%2C+Saddlergate

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