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the start of a happy life

Well like lots of other 14 year old girls I wanted to be different and I wanted to stand out (I still do)

I'm not sure when I started my fascination with piercings, I guess I just loved the way they looked and all the different kinds of jewelry that could be put in.

But these days piercing are getting incredibly popular, but to me a helix was better than nothing.

One thing that was on my side was of that my sister had gotten hers done with our mum when she was 12 or 13, I was currently 14 so I just kept telling my mum that it wasn't fair that I could get mine done. One day I needed a hair cut and using this as a opportunity I asked my mum again (Hairhouse Warehouse are hair dressers and a piercing parlor). She finally said yes but she made it very clear that she didn't want to know anything about it if anything went wrong. I was over the moon, so my mum rang up and made an appointment for my hair and piercing for later that day.

When we got there I had my hair cut but we had to wait 15 minutes for the piercer to be ready, we sat out the front of the store, it would have to be one of the most nerve racking things I have ever done, I kept thinking I was going to piss myself.

My sister kept reassuring me it would be fine (at this point she had around 13 piercing most done at this store). I was eventually called in and the piercer told me which jewelry he would use (small silver stud with flat backing, often used for lip piercings) I was happy with this, I asked about a ring and he told me to wait until it was fully healed.

When I walked into the room it was like a life changing experience, my nostrils we filled with the smell of antiseptic and I knew I would spend a lot of time in this place. It was a smallish room it had a table/bed, wall cabinet with all the piercing stuff and a chair. My sister came in with me as my mum didn't even want me to be there. He had me sit on the bed as he got the last things ready,

He cleaned my ear with antiseptic and put a dot were the piercing would be, he showed it to me in the mirror and I told him that it was fine. At this point my heart was racing a million miles an hour I had no idea really what was going on. He told me to close my eyes and to take steady breaths; at this point I grabbed my sisters' hand. Before I knew it he was screwing the ball in (oh, it was don't with a needle). He told me it was done and gave me the mirror again. I fell in love once again, he told me that I did really well and that even boys have watery eyes but mine were dry as a bone. When I got up I felt light headed but only for a few seconds, I grabbed a drink of water and paid $15 (I got it cheaper because I had to wait)

That night I slept over a friend's house and it was fine I even forgot it was there, at one point it started bleeding because I got it caught on my t-shirt but I cleaned it up the best I could. I made sure that I slept on my right side so I didn't crush it.

3 or 4 weeks later I went back to get a ring, he put it in for me for free and told me the piercing looked really healthy. This is were it went down hill,

Ring + helix piercing + me = not good

I got a keloid on the inside and a lump developed on the back, I started getting embarrassed of it, I cleaned it regularly but I always seemed to be knocking it especially when I hug others. Eventually it got the better of me and I put the stud back in, straight after it started getting better.

The stud came out not to long ago and I lost it, at least I had a ring to stop it from closing over. I went back to the shop to get another stud, when I bought it I was worried as the bar was shorter than originally and my cartilage was still thick. It only just squeezed on, but a week later the thickness of my cartilage decreased right back to before I got it pierced so the bar was perfect length.

Overall I love this piercing to bits, its really cute and gives my innocent look a bit of spice. I'm planning on going back to Hairhouse Ware house for as many piercings as possible, it's the cleanest place I have ever seen and most sterile.(I'm actually trying to do work experience there).

The piercing didn't hurt at all so if you're thinking about it, JUST DO IT!!!

Cya xxx twiggy


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: not+sure
Studio: Hairhouse+Warehouse
Location: South+Australia

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