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Testing the water with a cartilage.

Your bog standard cartilage piercing!

When I got this piercing, I'd already got a few, 8 lobes, double nostrils, smiley, septum and labret, though I'd never got any piercings in my cartilage because most of my piercings had played up in one way or another. I was worried it wouldn't heal and I'd have to give it up. One of the reasons I got a basic cartilage piercing was that I've wanted some fancier stuff, a rook, a daith etc but I wasn't going to pay for fancy piercings if my cartilage couldn't handle it. Getting this piercing was me kind of testing the water before I got some of the piercings I really wanted in my ears.

I went to my usual piercer, Karl and Dragons Den and told him what I wanted. We had to wait for a while because there were a few people ahead of us, someone getting their lobes stretched and another girl who was getting a jewellery change. We sat on the sofa (I'd brought my boyfriend with me as well, I don't think I've gone for a piercing without someone there to chat to!) and relaxed for a bit, chatting with the receptionist and looking at the flash tattoo's that decorate the wall.

When Karl was done with everyone else that was before us we went into the piercing room to discuss placement and jewellery. I chose a nice little pink / purple coloured CBR, I think it was 1.2mm. I wasn't really bothered about placement, or jewellery type to be honest, This was just a step along the way. I just wanted to make sure that I could heal it so I could move on and start some of my ear projects! He didn't mark my ear or anything, Id told him I didn't mind where it went, Just use his own judgement. There was no clamping involved, there never is when Karl does piercings, he's that good. He did however freeze my ear which I've got to say was the worst part of the whole thing. I really hate that freezing stuff. It felt cold at first then it warms and then it stings a LOT. My ear felt really hot and because it's a spray stream it actually felt like a piercing its self.

Anyway. After he'd numbed my ear he popped the needle through (I say popped, I read a lot of experiences on here that say they hear a 'pop' when they get a piercing through their ear cartilage. Bollocks. I didn't hear a thing). He threaded the ring through my ear and before I knew it he was done. I jumped up and had a look in the mirror. Perfect! I paid my £10, A bloody bargain if you ask me, and went on my way. That day It was quite cold outside and when the numbing stuff had worn off my ear was stinging and throbbing quite a lot. As usual, me and the boyfriend went for a drink and a game of pool to take my mind off my ear.

Now. The healing process has been long, though I won't say it was hard. I did the usual sea salt soaks daily and washed it in the shower with soap. At first healing went well but after a while I got a bump on the back and the front. I tried a lot of different things to try and get rid of it. Babying it, more salt soaks, tea tree compresses. Eventually I gave up trying to get rid of it and hoped my body would sort it out itself. It went up and down, Eventually the bump on the front went completely down, but the one at the back was stubborn and stayed there. Most of the time It was painless, but sometimes it was so bad I couldn't sleep on that side. At one point, I woke up and the bump on the back was purple, I was REALLY scared and I said there and then that once it cleared up I was taking the ring out. It used to peel a bit and I used to pick it (I know I shouldn't have) but it never popped or got any worse (I'm not sure it could have got any worse...). After a few days it w ent down completely and it's been fine ever since. This piercing has taken around a year to get to how it is now so it's been a long healing period, but I'm happy it's finally settled down.

I've started my first major ear project and I know it will be hard work and will take a long time to heal but I'm willing to put in the effort to get my ears as pretty as I want them to be. I'd say to anyone who's worried about healing to do what I did. If you want something fancy that you're not sure will heal then test the water first. Get something simple before you invest your time (and there will be a lot of it if you don't heal well!) and money into something you might have to retire if you're body just doesn't like it. If you're willing to have something non permanent then go for it, but If you want to keep your piercings for a long time, make sure your body doesn't mind you poking needles into it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Karl
Studio: Dragons+Den
Location: Bangor%2C+North+Wales.

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