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Stupid Idea

I wanted my tragus pierced since I saw it on someone a few years ago, and although it is becoming way more popular now, as a lot of girls I know have it, I still think it's a classy piercing, and one that looks good at the same time. However, I was never really motivated to go out and get it done, nor was I ever really into piercings as much as I have been since earlier this year. But, at the beginning of the year, I had seven lobes, and since then, I have gotten my bridge, upper helix, vertical tragus, septum, and one other thing; my tragus, which has been the worst one of them all. The reason? Well, my own stupidity and a sudden urge for a new piercing.

I was in my room one day and for any of you who are into the whole piercing thing, you know how it feels to get the urge that you just want to have a new piercing, but that can definitely be a problem, especially when you don't have any way to a studio at the time. In my case, it was pretty early in the morning and the place I go is usually only open at night, so I was just kinda fooling around with an earring, poking different places on my ear to see how much different spots might hurt to get pierced, or seeing how each piercing would look on me (which I do pretty often, yes, I have a sad, sad life, haha). This is when I thought hey, I should pierce my tragus; so I went to get the rubbing alcohol, and washed my hands a few times, and basically just stabbed the earring through. Dumb, and unsanitary, I know, but I had done three lobes myself already so I didn't see the big deal. The piercing itself didn't actually hurt, but once I looked in the mirror, I realized why... It was extremely shallow and probably barely even went through cartilege.

So, I cleaned it and it was doing alright until it started getting caught on my hair ALL the time. It also fell out at work once, and a few times while I was sleeping. So, after all this falling out, and tugging on it to try and get my hair untangled, it was going through some issues until eventually I came out of the shower one day and touched it, only to see it kinda rip through my tragus completely. Pissed off and not wanting to get rid of a piercing (once I have them I find it hard to get rid of them), I repierced it only a tiny bit deeper. Oh, and I have used multiple types of jewellery, from a ring, which looked ridiculously stupid, to a 16 gauge barbell, to what I use now; a normal 18 gauge ear stud, as I find it stays in place better for some reason and stops it from rejecting as fast as the 16 gauge barbell did.

Since then it has been fine I guess, although I still wish I would have gotten it done professionally. It's still wayy too shallow and I know it'll come out again eventually, but until I go somewhere and get a piercing on that ear professionally done, I am keeping it. The only thing that annoys me is that when it comes out, I cant get it pierced in that ear for another few years because of scar tissue and all that, but, it's definitely a lesson learned and I won't be doing piercings like that on myself again. And I also can't wear headphones in that ear for a while again because it's always sore.

So, even though doing a self piercing can work out, there's always gonna be a time when it doesn't, and although it might look good for a while, when it starts getting infected, rejected, you will realize it's not worth it. And even if you are going to pierce yourself, just make sure you give it some thought instead of just randomly doing it. Yeah, I was clean with what I was using, but there's always a chance something could go wrong, and remember to mark the spot you want to pierce so you don't pierce it too shallow, because that lead to a lot more problems than I anticipated for such an anticlimactic piercing. Twenty-thirty bucks or so to get it professionally done is worth avoiding the stress, for sure.

Either way, I will get mine professionally done whether I wait a few years and get it in the same ear as the one I did myself (for some reason I always wanted it in that ear because I think it matches well with my upper helix), or just get it in the other ear, which might also look good.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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