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plugs make people Calm

First of all I'd like to start off by asking a question that doesn't require an answer.   Who doesn't stretch their own ears, but that's beside the point.  This is about my 5/8ths inch ears. I had always wanted plugs but was too scared because no one in my family has anything out of the ordinary. 

One major problem I've had throughout my stretching experience has been losing my plugs!!  The one and only reason for this is because I surf pretty much everyday and no-flare plugs and tapers do not stay in when you're getting worked like a rag doll in a washing machine of salt water!  I would get worked then come up and a plug would be gone.  I would then have to go get new plugs before I had to go to work.  So I've probably lost at least 100 dollars worth of plugs.   

I'm pretty good with pain, growing up I'd always get into trouble; slipping on the pool deck and getting stitches, or slipping in the super market and having to have my tooth drilled with no anesthetic because I was too little!!!  My point is that if I'd be missing a plug for a while and the hole shrunk up than I was getting it backs in to that same size no matter what.  During this time my ears got infected a lot!  One reason for this is because I was using acrylic plugs.  Acrylic plugs make the healing time extend for at least a week. And even when your ears heal with acrylic in them your lobes will remain red and irritated no matter how much you clean.  Glass and metal seem to be the most comfortable materials to me.  Although as I am writing this I'm wearing some stone plugs for the first time and they are quite comfortable.  the only problem is that they kind of make the tissue inside of the ear some what dry.  

My girlfriend pierced my ears for my at home with a dull ass needle and a lemon.  I don't know why I didn't just get a brand new needle from work because I work at a veterinary hospital.  I trusted her because she had done both ear piercings on her sister and she did her nose.  we put ice on each lobe before to numb the tissue. than she poked my ear and took the needle out, than put the jewelry in.  Now I know that's not how you're supposed to do it but it worked at the time.  I pierced my friend's ear that way and it wasn't smooth.  I learned my lesson and now i pierce with catheter needles which are so easy to use.  O well it barely hurt and it was over really quick.   

About 2 or 3 days later I was tired of having such a lame little earring. I wanted plugs!!! So I went to hot topic to get some 14 gauge tapers. Yea I said HOT TOPIC!! I stretched my ears every 2 weeks roughly till I got to about 8 gauge.  There was a really good amount of pain involved considering the plugs were all acrylic and healing time was severely increased.  But I didn't know that metal was the way to go so o well.  I stopped at 8 gauge to let my ears heal for about a month.  Than I stretched really fast to 2 gauge.  I'm pretty sure I skipped a couple gauges too.  I guess I'm blessed with stretchy ears. 

At 2 gauge they looked substantial but I knew I had to go bigger.  So I stretched up to 0 gauge.  When I put the first taper in on this stretched I didn't feel the normal stretching feeling, just kind of a bigger plug.  So instead of putting the other plug in with a taper I just put the plug in straight.  It worked out fine and I learned that if I have a certain size plug in for at least 1 month I can stretch one size up with little or no discomfort!

I'm all the way to 5/8ths and I don't plan on going bigger till I get out of college and start my own business. If you see pilots around the world NONE of them have body mods. Well at least not visible ones. I'm sure some of them have P.A. 's ;) ha-ha.

 All in all I've learned a lot about my body, stretching, and body modification as a whole.  Although i do not advocate non hygienic piercing, the minute the dull dingy needle went through my flesh I decided that I would do what I want with my body.  Kind of liberating I guess.  This experience has also allowed me to pierce some other people and gain knowledge in that field as well.  Having big plugs makes people think you know exactly doing and calms them down.  I understand why they call this websites' symbol "calm".


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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