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My Spur of the Moment Tragus

I had my first piercing when I was six, my lobes, pierced with guns which I no longer wear. Once I turned seventeen I was itching for a piercings, because tattoos are sadly not allowed in my family. My mother took me in July to get my navel pierced, and then I caught piercing fever. People had always warned me it was an addiction, and now I completely understand.

All I wanted was more and more. However, I decided it would be best to wait until the end of September when I would turn eighteen. That way after that I could finally do something legally on my own. There is something really rewarding about going and handing your id to a piercer and having everything done yourself. That time came and I did nothing because I was up at school and could not think of a new piercing I really wanted. As I described about tattoos, body modification is pretty taboo in my household. I would not be allowed to get any facial piercings, even though I think lip and nose piercings are sexy.

So over thanksgiving break I was home with all my girls. We were out at lunch the day before thanksgiving my friends said let's get piercings today. At first I thought it would just be one of those things we said we would do and not actually do it. When I realized this was real I was so excited my brain was racing over everything I could do. I could not decide what to get that my parents would not freak about, I thought having a single tragus was really kind of classy (since that would be the only thing in my ear) I decided to go for it. I called my mom just to let her know what I would be doing; she said "You're disgusting." I said "Thanks mom I really appreciate that, but I'm going to do it anyway". To my surprise she really did not try to stop me. We all went to a local tattoo and piercing shop at about 6pm. My one friend got her cartilage (not the top in the middle), one got her nose, and two got their rooks.

I watched my friend get her cartilage done first, she was way more nervous than me. The last piercing she had was her lobes when she was three. She didn't want see anyone else go because she knew she would chicken out so she went first. Hers was quick and painless so I started to feel a little better. When it was finally my turn my stomach was doing flips. I sat down and the guy assured me he was quick and I would be just fine. And he was absolutely right, he clamped my ear, grabbed a curved needle and stuck it right in. He used a cork so he would not cut me, the needle going in didn't hurt really it felt really odd. My friend told me I was making weird faces, because it felt so odd. The worst part in my opinion was putting the jewelry in, which did not hurt at all, it was a ring and I felt it going in so that was weird. The whole process was probably done in less than a minute.

I was really surprised that this piercing did not hurt at all, my navel hurt about ten times more. I bled a little, but I also did with my navel. The piercing itself felt more awkward then painful and it was so quick. Afterwards it was pulsating, but I actually like that feeling for some reason. That night when I got home I cleaned the blood from in my ear with a wet q-tip. I was surprised I was able to sleep on it without a problem. I turn during the night and I was afraid it was going to be massively painful but it wasn't.

The worst thing that happened having this pierced, is on thanksgiving (the next day) I tried to shove my iPod headphone into my ear, that sucked don't do that. And relatives grabbed my head a lot which also hurt. I am pretty rough with myself, so when I brush my hair I tend to hit it which hurts a lot. I guess it's a good and bad thing though because the reason I hit it so much is because I forget it is even there. Now it is almost a week later and my tragus is only a tiny bit swollen, a little sore to the touch. I really recommend this piercing to anyone I think it can look classy on its own. And the pain was barley even there. The only thing I dislike is the ring they pierced me with; I cannot wait until it heals to change it to a small curved barbell. Now I am just thinking about my next piercing!

Happy Piercing!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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