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my snug

Soooooo the story of my snug!

I wish I could say that I had deep and meaningful reasons for getting any of my existing piercings, but it's just that I think they're so darn pretty! Sadly this doesn't prevent the confused faces and people asking why, but it's good enough for me! I already had 7 lobes and a conch and 2 helixes when I was looking for my next hole (my conch is my favourite by the way, I would really really reeeaaaallly it as a step up from lobe piercing but not too extreme for a beginning of an ear project.) I ruled out a rook or a daith pretty sharpish, I don't know why, I just didn't think they were very appealing – I also decided many years ago that I would never have a tragus done, just because...

One of the things I noticed about looking through the gallery of snugs is how different they can be, it's worth having a proper scour through the album and getting a membership so you can see as many as possible. I think it's because that part of the ear can vary so much from person to person, so if you find a positioning or jewellery you particularly like make a note of where it is and then be prepared to properly discuss it with your piercer – don't just sit there and let them stab as you, as it could come out looking drastically different to how you had hoped. If you're really not sure what you want, try and make some basic decisions, i.e. straight vs. curved bar, or whether you want to leave room for another snug or anything else you might have planned.

I chose a local studio that I'd not been to before called Tattoo Inc (I do enjoy a good pun in a studio name, the other option was a place called art and soul, but their piercer was on an extended holiday and I wanted it done now now now right now) I had been a bit suspicious about the place previously, which was based on one person giving it a very bad press a good few years ago, but after speaking to her again it would seem that she had decided to do a home jewellery change after 24 hours – so although I'll never let her near me with a needle, this place seemed like a good bet.

Happy that I'd done all the researching a girl could do, I decided to go for it. Don't forget to eat/drink something before you go, it'll make sure you feel good and save you the embarrassment of swooning in front of a waiting room full of piercing and tattooing veterans.

The piercer lady's name was Hayley and she had a reassuringly impressive range of piercings and tattoos herself, though once she heard what I wanted to have done, she did admit that the pain put her off having a snug piercing, but I was still a keen bean and couldn't be put off at this point!

After filling in forms and going through the aftercare my ear was inspected and measured up. Hayley chose to use clamps as she said she felt more confident with them. I had no preference either way and trusted her judgement, but if you are particularly pro/anti clamps then phone beforehand and check – same with using freeze spray, some places do, some don't and some you'll have to ask specially to use it, so make sure your happy with whatever procedure they're using before you lie down on that uncomfy bed thing!

She suggested using a particularly long bar for this piercing as it is prone to swelling at both ends. Although it looked a bit ridiculous when it was first done, the space was very much needed and I in fact had to size up my bar after a few weeks.

Now. The big question. How much did it hurt?! I don't really believe people who say their piercings didn't hurt, if you feel nothing you have a problem and should see a doctor, but if you find the pain really and truly too much to bear, then bodmods aren't for you! Yes this piercing hurt – probably the most of any of my piercings so far, but it's a manageable pain and as it was in a good cause I found it easy to deal with (despite Hayley telling me she had to put her body weight behind the needle to force it through – ewwwwww!) It did bleed quite a lot, more than m other piercings but not enough to freak me out though; I was just annoyed that I'd chosen to wear a white top that day! After it was all cleaned up I had a look in the magic mirror and instantly loved it, the placement is perfect and I was a very happy bunny indeed! I was given a goodie bag of cleaning solution and cotton buds and I was done! I think it cost £30, which seemed pretty reasonable to me – I'd rather
pay a bit more and get a good result, piercings are not something you want to economise on!

After that warm fuzzy moment of positivity, I'm afraid there is a little bit of a whine coming on... this piercing has been a bitch to heal. Completely. It's gone from sore to crusty to lumpy to bloody back to lumpy and about every shade of ickyness in between! It's quite prone to being knocked so be careful when showering and hair-doing and sport-playing and sleeping and any other verb you perform in your daily life. It's been about 6 months since mine has been done and it's still not healed but it IS healing. Just keep an eye on it – ear piercing infections can wreck cartilage pretty quickly, so if it looks dire, you need to get to a doctor, don't take the piercing out otherwise you could end up with an abscess which will be just as unpleasant. I've been using sea salt soaks every couple of days to clear the worst of the build up, and using the bright blue savlon wound wash spray to keep it clean on a day to day basis. It sounds a lot of work, but if you keep it by your too thbrush it will only take a few seconds in the morning, just don't get confused between the two!

Although this piercing has, and still is causing me hassle, I haven't thought about retiring it and would still recommend it to others. Yes it takes a long time to heal but most piercings do, and it looks pretty darn fabby in the meantime! It's also quite rare, so if being unique floats your boat then this is a good choice for you.

If you want any more info/advice or a photo of the placement then just email me!

Good luck and happy piercing everyone xx


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Hayley
Studio: Tattoo+Inc.
Location: Northamptonshire

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