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My small entrance to the world of body mods!

My mind was first opened to the world of body modification when I was about 13. I had signed up to a local radio stations forum and a user had started a thread, named simply "Tattoos and Piercings." It was love at first sight. Ever since first stumbling upon that thread I knew I have wanted body modifications. I fell in love with them and soon decided my first piercing would be a helix cartilage piercing. The one thing that stood in my way; Parents. They would not allow it until I was 16(the normal age for ear piercings without consent around here, although there are no official laws and shops aren't governed in Ireland unfortunately). So instead of going behind their back, I patiently waited, and researched.

Last March I turned 16, and I was so pleased because I knew now I would be allowed to get it done. I discussed it with my parents and they (reluctantly) agreed. My girlfriend even said she'd pay for it for me, as a birthday present. I was ecstatic.

I went into town a few days after my birthday to get it done. First we went to get some lunch, because I've heard horror stories of people fainting afterward piercings and wasn't sure what to expect, or how my body would handle it. After we had finished we headed toward the chosen shop, Tattoo Zoo. I'd heard many raving reviews about this place, online and from friends, and decided it was where I'd go.

We entered the shop and I was struck by a very strong smell of disinfectant, the place smelt like a dentists. We walked up to the counter, and we were greeted by Noel, a very friendly chap indeed. I told him I was looking to get my left helix pierced, and he told me how much it would be, got me to sign an insurance form(or something like that) and gave me some aftercare sheets to read over while he went to get set up.

I waited in the main area for about 10 minutes, looking at flash and reading about aftercare. He called me through to the back with my girlfriend and brought us into a small room. There was a humorous sign on the wall, I can't exactly remember what it said, something like "If you scream you can get the fuck out" or something to that effect. I just remember it made me giggle and put me to ease, more so. I chatted with Noel, explaining how I'd heard good things about this studio, and how I'd wanted this piercing for a long time. I was kind of nervous but he put me completely at ease. He told me he'd pierce me at 1.6 mm or 14G and took a needle out of a sealed package in front of me, I saw that the jewelery, a regular barbell I'd chosen, was in a similar bag. He marked my ear and asked if the placement was correct, I said it was. Then I lay down on this couch like thing, similar to in a doctors office, and he asked if I was ready, I said I was and he then inserted the needle. It was like a very hard, but small pinch, nothing too bad, I'd been prepared for worse. He inserted the jewelery and screwed on the ball, and then got me to look in the mirror.

It was fantastic! Exactly how I'd imagined! I was completely delighted. We went back out to the shop floor, and he must have liked me, because while paying he knocked €10 off the price!

Afterwards, I headed to Tesco to by myself some sea salt for the aftercare soak mixture. I was as high as a kite, I got a real buzz from it. It hurt a bit and was throbbing for a while afterwards, but that stopped fairly shortly. It did hurt like HELL if something hit it. Sleeping was horrible for the first few days, I'd keep forgetting about it a roll onto that side. OUCH!

All in all I am completely delighted, the piercing is fully healed now, no problems with it whatsoever, and Noel couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. Exactly what I'd expected from reviews of the shop. I would definitely recommend Tattoo Zoo to anyone looking to get a piercing!

Advice I'd give to anyone considering getting a piercing would be to research, research and research some more! Make sure you go to a reputable place. I've heard some horrible stories about places around here(I won't name them) and many of these incidents could have been avoided if a bot of research was done. Make sure you're happy with your piercer and feel comfortable and safe. If you don't then leave!

My first piercing meant alot to me, it's like my official entrance into the world of body modification. Ever since then I have been completely and utterly obsessed with body mods and have big plans in terms of piercings. I want my lobes done next(again, parents are an issue), but for whatever piercing I decide to get, I know where I'll be taking my business. Can't recommend them enough.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Noel
Studio: Tattoo+Zoo
Location: Cork%2C+Ireland

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