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My quest to conquer pain.

So a little about me. I'm 20 now but ever since I can remember I've been obsessed with body modifications. By the time I was 12 I had 14 gunned holes in my ear. Since then I have added 10 holes but unfortunately lost 2 and removed 2 due to my body rejecting them. When I finally turned 16 I got my first industrial(horizontal). Now that hurt like an sob. The piercer pushed the needle through slowly. Since then I have become obsessed with being able to control pain.

Now this story is about my vertical industrial(Conch to Conch). When I was just getting into middle school I discovered bme and quickly found quite a few piercings I wanted. On the top of my list was my vertical industrial. I wanted it so bad but kept pushing it back. After getting my horizontal industrial I really wanted the vertical one to compliment it. So there I was on payday with over $1000 in my pocket and all my bills paid. I knew I wanted to get something else done. I decided I was going to get my lip pierced. A friend of mine had been talking about how she had always wanted her lip pierced but couldn't because her parents were extremely strict. She is a few years older then me so I didn't understand why she wouldn't do it since she obviously didn't need her parents permission. She responded with telling me how her dad gave her the silent treatment for all most a month and told her he would disown her when she just brought the idea up to her parents. We talked abo ut it awhile and she asked if I would get it done for her. I'm open to everything and since it wasn't permanent if I didn't like it I figured why not.

I picked up a different friend of mine to come with me since I'm extremely shy and can't be in a room with someone I don't know to well without someone I do know present or I freak. We drove around for awhile and I discussed all my piercing and all my plans with her. I started to think about whether or not I actually wanted my lip pierced. I really enjoy having my innocent appearance I put off. I usually wear my hair down which covers up my ears. So most of the time all my piercing are hidden(besides my tongue, but that's not to visible). I started to really not want to do it so I started thinking about what else to do. I narrowed it down to getting something done in my ear. I thought about just walking in and saying put a hole through my ear. I went on the computer and started looking at what I could possibly get. I decided on a snug. So me and my friend took off on the way to my piercers.

I was about a block away and it hit me. I wanted my vertical industrial. I knew it would be more of a test of how I would handle the pain then my snug. I let my friend know my decision but did not tell her what it was. Keep in mind that she has no piercings or tattoos and has no plans for any.

I walked into Michael Jays to be greeted by the piercer Ashley and some other girl that worked there. I told them what I wanted and Ashley went to get ready. Shortly after we walked into the little room. My friend sat down in the chair in the corner and I laid down on the table. Ashley started by telling me all about aftercare. Then she measured my ear and debated on what size barbell. I let her know that my ears never swelled much so she decided on the smaller barbell. At least I believe so because it is just big enough with a little extra space. I was laying on the table facing my friend as Ashley was preparing my ear. I knew instantly when she grabbed the needle. My friends eyes got huge. It's a great thing I'm not afraid of needles in any way because she kept eyeing that thing like it was going to kill me. She kept saying that is a huge needle your f-ing crazy. It was only a 14 gauge. Ashley told me to take a deep breath so I knew what was coming. As soon as she said b reath out and started pushing the needle through my friend went from a more relaxed position to a fetal position in seconds flat. I enjoyed watching her reaction so much. It was great. I paid around $70 and gave Ashley a $20 tip and went on my happy little way.

I only felt slight pressure for the most part. When she was inserting the barbell into the second hole I felt a little pinch but that was it. I accomplished exactly what I wanted to. Now I'm searching for that something that will cause me enough pain that I can't control it. It's funny how things turn around.

For my aftercare I swear by sea salt soaks. I do them for the first couple days only and as long as my piercing is healing fine I just leave it the hell alone and let it do its thing. I've now had it maybe a month and a half and it is doing great. No problems at all. Slept on it the night I got it. Can't help but love it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Ashley
Studio: Michael+Jays+Tattoo+%26+Piercing+Clinic
Location: Bismarck%2C+ND

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