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My Personal Ear Stretching Journey

Hello there BME readers, my name is Blake, and this is my story of the process of stretching/gaugeing my ears.

When I was about 13 or 14, I decided that I wanted to pierce my ear. It was sort of a "spur of the moment kind" of thing. I, after making this decision, went immediately to the local mall (the town I lived in did not have a tattoo or piercing studio). I did not realize the difference between ear stands and parlors, so I figured,"why not". I sat in the cold chair as a large, seemingly dull-witted woman took what looked like a brute stapler, and positioned it with the center of my left earlobe. She then proceeded to count aloud. "One, Two, POP! Three". It did not hurt, and I was shocked at how short the time it took was. I wore the earring that was withheld in the contraption, much to my dismay, for the entire 6 week period that I was told to wait before I took it out.

After about 3 weeks prior to the initial 6 weeks, I received much ridicule from my dad and his side of the family, so I, to please him and appeal to their better nature, took it out, and that was the end of it...or so I thought.

Fast forward 2 years and Its my junior year in High School. Many of my friends had stretched ears, and from the first time I ever saw it, I swore by it's beauty. My fascination was short-lucked however. I never had the courage to get it repierced. I am a strong Christian and love GOD for everything and thankful for all that's in my life, but my family believes that this action of piercing and stretching is against GOD, and I will pay the price. I think GOD loves me for my heart and faith, and commitment to HIM. I understand that in Leviticus 19:23 it talks about cutting and tattooing, but it is for the dead. This was a pagan ritual and piercing is not only not mentioned, but it is not used in that context, nor has it ever been. I was once considered a mark of slavery. Maybe I am committing myself to be a slave for GOD. My body IS the temple of the Holy Spirit, but is it desicration to further the Kingdom of GOD by connecting with those who need HIM more than anyone? After mu ch prayer and soul-searching, I decided to start the process, despite my Dad's lack of approval.

Interestingly enough, I found out my ear never closed fully, so I put one of my friends 14g in. It went in with some force, but other than a pop, it was nothing! I had that in for about a week before I decided to go a step further. I got a 12g and 10g from my friend and waited about a week or so between each step up. They all went in fine so I figured I was safe. I slowly pushed the next sizes' taper in with again no resistance. I continued stretching with this same gameplan, until I got to 8g. I had what I thought was a 12g for about a week so, silly me, thought I was okay to step it up. My friend did not have a taper for the next size but I figured I was fine because I went from 14g to 12g so easy! what I didn't realize was that I actually went from 12g to what I thought was 10g but ended up being 8g. It hurt a lot, but I was determined to get it through. Later, sleeping was found to be impossible. The pain was for some reason so much that I had to take 5 ibuprofen. The nex t day during school, I was concerned about the swelling. I went to the bathroom and removed it and upon doing it, blood and pus soon followed. I then forced it back in after about 10 of cleaning and quelling the flow. After about a week the healing process was complete, and I had been itching to step up, so that's exactly what I did. I had done no previous research on the process (bad idea) until then. I waited about 4 days at a 6g, until i tapered a 4g in (with more pain than ever compared to the past stretching).

I have been at 4g for about 10 days, and love it! I only wish I had taken my time, like I later figured out was the correct process. I have very fortunatly not experienced any keloiding, scarring, or tearing, but I guess I was just very lucky. I can't wait until I get to 0g. PLEASE BE PATIENT!!!! IT'S A VIRTUE!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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