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My long stretching experience.

I've written a few experiences for BME, usually ones I've had recently and I've been so excited about them that I just had to describe them to someone. This one's a little different though. Stretching my ears has been such a long and enjoyable experience that I never really thought about it being something to write about. I guess I started stretching when I was about 16. The only piercings I had were 4 sets of lobe piercings, all gunned and I never really thought about getting any other piercings, my parents weren't really cool with piercings, and there wasn't really anything that I could get that I wouldn't get told off for having at sixth form either.

I'd seen other people in and around Birmingham who'd got stretched ears and I have to admit, at first I thought it looked horrible but after a while I though the medium sized 'holes' were kind of cute. The only earrings I'd got at that time were your bog standard studs and dangly things, Id got no real bars or rings, so one day while I was shopping in town I was looking around in Claire Accessories and I noticed they'd got some 'piercing' jewellery and I bought a packet of about 3 or 4 long barbells (I think they were advertising them as tongue studs). I got home and pushed them through my first lobe holes and they went in just fine. I left them like that for a week or so, letting them settle. Id asked on various forums about different ways to stretch and people mentioned bondage tape. Now the only place around my area (that I knew of) that sold bondage tape was Ann Summers and I wasn't about to spend a load of money in that overpriced shop. Instead I bought a roll of electri cal tape (I'm aware now that it wasn't the best Idea in the world) and I decided to put a few layers of that on my bars.

That night I carefully cut to size the piece of tape I was going to use and rolled around 3 layers onto the bar and squeezed it into my ears. It was a long time ago that I started stretching my ears and each time I stretched them it was a different experience. Sometimes It slipped in very easily and I was tempted to put another layer on there and then (sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't!) and sometimes it hurt so much trying to squeeze them into my ears that I had to stop and remove that sessions piece of tape.

I remember being at 5mm, and I bought a cute little steel top hat and put that in one of my ears. My mom noticed that my ear had a hollow hole in it and I'm telling you, she was NOT pleased. As much as my mom hated piercings, she REALLY hated the idea of me stretching my ears. For periods of time I would promise her I wouldn't stretch anymore and for months I would stay at the same size to please her, but then I'd get the stretching itch and I'd have to add another layer of tape on. I'm really terrible with losing things as well. I can't count the amount of jewellery that I've made my way through on my stretching adventure. My stretching hasn't been continuous as I've said, but it was slowed even more by me losing my jewellery and my ears shrinking again. There came times when I couldn't afford to buy new jewellery and I stooped to using safety pins with layers and layers of tape wrapped around them, just to keep my ears at their current size, until I could get my hands on so me proper jewellery.

At one point, my mom hated my 12mm ear's so much she said that if I took them out and they healed up (one of my excuses to get her to be OK with me stretching was that they would close up if I took them out) she would pay for me to get a tattoo. I couldn't believe my luck! As much as I loved my ears, this was a once in a lifetime offer! My mom (who hates tattoos on women) was willing to let me get one, AND pay for it! I took it out there and then and waited for it to heal up. It did shrink, Perhaps not to a pinhole but I was happy that If I ever wanted to take them out I'd be happy at the result to them shrinking. In the end I got bored of my wonky ears and I stretched it back up to 12mm and she didn't really notice, but I never got that tattoo!

I've stretched pretty much all of my 8 lobe holes at some point, top two have been 6mm at their highest, the third two I've never been able to stretch for some reason. My second holes have been 10mm, and my bottom two are now (and will be staying!) at 12mm. Currently I have 12mm in first, 9mm and 6mm in second, (I had to down size to 6mm as my first and second holes were very close to each other and I didn't want them to wear down into one giant hole. I've never been keen on huuuuge ears) and my 4th holes are both at 2mm with CBR's in them.

I'm very happy with my lobes now, I have a ton of spirals, tunnels and plugs of different materials that I change on a regular basis and I love the remarks I get about my jewellery. I wouldn't change my ears for anything, and I don't think I'll be taking them out anytime soon, and If I do then Its been quite a journey, and I enjoyed every minute of it.


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on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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