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My inner conch!

This was actually in mid July, but 6 months is close enough.

Originally, I wanted my snug pierced. But after doing a lot of research and posting pictures for other educated people to see, I realized it was too small to pierce unless it had a higher placement. I had only liked the one in the middle so I was very discouraged and disappointed when I found out I couldn't get it. That's when someone suggested an inner conch piercing instead. I looked it up and decided it was cute.

The last piercing I had gotten was my double helix, back in mid January, so it was time for a new one. I think I thought about it for a month or two until it actually happened, cause I had to wait until I got my first pay check from my job. I had to wait about a month before all the checks went it because of problems at the bank. THEN I had to wait till after we went camping.

So finally, I made a date with my mom on a day I didn't work. I was really excited, but I was almost stopped from getting it that day.

The piercing place I had gone to for my navel is about a half hour away. So me and my mom drove all the way out there and waited around for a bit. When the time came, the guy at the counter asked me for my ID. Me and my mom were confused, seeing as the last time we were here I hadn't needed one. He then informed us that the rules had changed and now the minor needed one too.

So we had to leave. I was so bummed, my day had been ruined. BUT. A few minutes after we were on the highway home my mom freaked out and told me to check under the seat. I looked and voila! There was my temps card! I was so excited, we turned around and started to drive back.

But then another problem arose! The weather! It started POURING, and I am not exaggerating at all. It was to the point where we couldn't even see the road, and we had to pull over.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, it slowed to a normal rain. But because we had pulled over at a random place, we now had no idea where we were. So she had to call my step dad and argue with him for awhile about directions. After that, we found out where we were and drove back.

We got in and my mom joked with the guy about what happened. He gave us a slip to fill out, and a form for my mom to sign. I remember there was a girl in there a bit younger than me talking to the guy about how she lost one of the balls on her tongue ring. I remember thinking how I would never get that done. Except now I want it bad! But I digress.

Anyways, I went to the back with this bigger dude with a beard. He was very nice though. He marked the spot in my ear and told me to check if I liked it. He told me if I got it any higher (or lower, I can't remember) it would become difficult to change. But I liked the placement right away, and I ok'd it.

I then started to get a bit nervous because the cartilage was so thick. I asked him if he knew about the pain, and he said he didn't hear many complaints. I felt a bit better.

He then readied the needle and told me to breathe in and out. It was so fast it was in before I could really register the pain. I found it wasn't so bad, but only because I imagined it to be a lot worse. However, I then started bleeding, and my neither my navel or helix did so. I nervously asked him if this was normal, and he said it was. He put in about 3 q-tips before the blood was gone. I had it pierced with a straight barbell. I tipped and thanked him, then left.

It was swollen and a bit sore, but went I got home I took advil and it became bearable. I was really careful about knocking it at first and I sprayed it 2 or times a day with this stuff I had gotten in a bottle a year before.

It was healing really well, thought it killed whenever I hit it. Once, at work, I had heavily buckled belts resting on my shoulder, and they slid forward and bashed into my piercing. It hurt so bad, I almost cried.

Besides that, I thought it was doing great. But then after the 4 month mark or so, I saw there was a slight bump on the inside. Tea tree oil had worked on my navel, so I figured I'd give it a shot here, even though I had a bad feeling about it.

Boy was I right. I had the worst allergic reaction. My ear swelled up to the point where my usually long barbell was resting directly on my ear. It also turned red. It itched terribly. The itch even spread to my face and caused red bumps. It settled down after a few days and I decided to just leave it alone.

Then about two weeks ago I decided it was time to change the bar because it was way too long now. The threading was off on it, so I had to go into a local shop for them to change it for me.

That's when I found out about the bump that had now formed on the back. She told me it was a keloid, though I knew it wasn't. She also told me to use tea tree oil, but I told her what happened. She didn't offer up any more advice, which doesn't surprise me since that place sucks anyways.

She then informed me before changing it that what I had in was a 16 and the jewelry I had was a 14. I had emailed my studio to ask what they pierced it at, and they had said 14. But I didn't care. I told her to go through with it anyway.

So she did. It hurt a bit but I think it's because she went so slow. She also told me that it oozed a bit. Yuck.

My friend got her nose pierced in the same sitting, and when they gave her the sea salt, I took it since she already had a lot from previous times.

I soaked it twice a day for a few days, hoping to calm the bump but my laziness took over and I haven't bothered since. I decided that no one can see it unless they bend my ear, and I can't see it either so it doesn't bother me.

Besides those minor difficulties, it's healed well. I could sleep on it fine after only a couple months, and there isn't a whole lot of crusties going on except in the morning.

I think my downfall is that I play with my piercings too much, but I'm trying to learn. Rook comes in about a week, and I'm so excited. I recommend this piercing to anyone!


submitted by: hop_on_wop
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Studio: All+Tattoos+and+Piercings
Location: Strongsville%2C+OH

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