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My First Real Piercings

   For a long time I was thinking about getting a tattoo or some other body modification.  I blame my sister for this, as she has two tattoos, a larger one on her chest and a smaller one on her arms.  I never really thought about piercings until about a month ago, and in the end, I decided that a piercing would be better for me.  I figured, "Well, it's not as permanent as a tattoo, it's a bit cheaper, and since I'm a big baby, it will probably hurt less since it's quick.  What's not to love?"  And thus the adventure began. 

Now came the decision of where to go and what to get.  My first thought was to get it done somewhere on my ear, most likely in the cartilage since it was one of the more common piercings.  I have this thing about symmetry, so I decided to get it done in both ears.  After researching piercing parlors in my area, I figured that I would just ask someone I know who's had many more piercings than I.  She recommended Fondue Body Boutique, and said that's the only place in town she ever gets pierced at. 

On the next Saturday, I called them up, asked for a price quote (which I thought was going to be a lot more expensive than it was), and decided that it was time.  I grabbed my boyfriend and another friend and zipped on down to the shop.  At the moment, I was wondering how long it would take because I had to be back at my house in time to go to a Christmas party with my mom.  Things were only made worse when I ran into a Christmas parade going right through the road I needed to take to the shop.  Many back roads later, I continued on toward my destination. 

We arrived at Fondue and went inside.  It was a small place that sold candles, incense, body jewelry, and other natural products, in addition to doing piercings and tattoos.  I liked the overall mellow feel of the place.  A small group of people was just leaving as we arrived, and so I didn't have to wait.  I went up to the lady at the counter and told her what I was interested in getting.  She showed me all the starter jewelry and I chose two 16G green-colored titanium circular barbells (I would have liked the rainbow-colored ones, but I couldn't find two to match).  While she went to set up and sterilize everything, another woman had me sign a consent form and pay for the procedure.  Then the piercer (the first woman) showed me to a room where everything was done; I had my boyfriend and other friend come in with me for moral support, instead of them just sitting in the shop area laughing at random things.  The room had a big mirror in front of wide cushioned seats and a si

nk area with counters. All the needles and jewelry that were to be used on me were on a stainless steel tray.

I didn't feel terribly nervous, even though I thought I would.  She explained everything that she would do, and how the needles were single use.  I told her that I was my first real piercing, and she assured me that the actual piercing itself wouldn't be bad.  She marked my ears, and asked if I liked the placement.  After a few more tries, I was satisfied, and braced myself for the inevitable pain of having a needle go through my ear.  She asked me to breathe in and then out, which I did, and the needle went in.  As I said before, I'm a baby when it comes to pain.  I won't lie, it did hurt, but it wasn't unbearable.  On a scale of one to ten, I would say the pain about about a 3.5, a bit more painful than a lobe piercing with a gun would be.   I did bleed a little on one side, but not much. The jewelry insertion wasn't much different.   After all was said and done, I admired my new piercings in the shop mirror, thinking at the same time that I should get my hair cut so that

it shows them off. I should also mention that I wear glasses, and the piercings were low enough not to interfere with them.

My piercer then asked me if I had any questions.  After all the Internet research I had done before this, I really didn't, but I asked a few anyways.  She then explained the healing process and what I should do to make sure there was no infection.  She also explained what keloids were, and how to get them treated.  I then received an aftercare brochure, a little sealed cup of sea salt, and the shop's business card.  I thanked her and left with two great souvenirs.  I really wish I had caught her name; she was very nice.  As of right now, my piercings are a bit sore, as expected, but nothing Ibuprofen can't kick. 

After this experience, I feel like I have a better sense of who I am.  That plus I feel stronger, since I've taken a needle through each ear. Would I do this again?  Most likely, I just have to figure out what else I want to get pierced now.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Not+sure
Studio: Fondue+Body+Boutique
Location: Sparks%2C+NV

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