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My early little Christmas Present

So I know everyone says how much they were into piercings when they were little and all that jazz, but I found some to be really cute and had started to plan what I wanted at the age of about 8 or 9.

Anyway, onto my experience.

I saw my first scaffold at probably 9 years old, it was strange, and I found it fascinating, hence my growing interest in body modifications

It happened today (5th December 2008, 14:14). I have currently started my first year in college so the rules of piercings/hair/tattoos and things have basically vanished, and I have an id so I don't have to bring a parent.

I walk into town in my lunch periods and hang round, and things, I found this place, and thought about what piercing I wanted, I already have 7 piercings (3 in each lobe, one of each ear stretched to 6mm and my nose) and was wondering what I could get that wouldn't be too obvious to my parents, as they're not overly thrilled with me putting holes into my body. So anyway, Me, and my two friends Anna and Matt came with me, purely out of amusement as they thought I would wimp out or cry(sadly for them, I don't wimp out with an audience and I don't cry, even if I want to hehe). But any kind of support was good enough for me. So I walk into the shop, and you could smell how clean it was, which was reassuring, and I could see 3 guys all being tattooed. Anna (who was adorable, almost like a doll) came to the counter and asked what I wanted, I said Scaffold (known as Industrial depending where you come from, I say both) and she hands me a form, and tells me how much it will cost to c heck it was ok for me. I fill out the form, which was strange as this was my first piercing without parents, and she sets up a corner with a screen, the shop is one big room which screens in sections so you could hear the buzz of the gun all the time. and I sit on the dentist type chair, and she talks me through what she's doing every step, at this point I see her washing her hands and then putting the gloves on, and getting all the equipment ready.

She marked up my ear, asked if it were ok and then put tissue under my neck, in case I bled a lot, and some in my hear hole. She wiped and sprayed my ear to clean it. she then put on the clamp, and said she was putting the first needle in, and I can honestly say, it barely hurt, it went through so quickly, I didn't have time to react, and then she asked if I was ok, I told her it was nothing, and she went ahead and did the second hole, the pain wasn't any different to the first, and I can say that this was probably the easiest piercing ive had. She put in the jewelry, and this wasn't uncomfortable as I didn't really notice it, and then she cleaned me up, moping up the tiny trickle of blood and putting Vaseline on the holes to stop any more from dripping. Then she showed me and I loved it, it isn't as long as most scaffolds, but that's because of the shape of my ear. Never the less, I was in love and was so glad I did it.

I went back to the counter, and showed my friends who were still waiting for my screams and sobs, they both agreed it was cool and matt said that I wasn't much of a pussy after all. I paid and the piercer went through after care and gave me the shop details incase I had any trouble.

It's been exactly 7 hours now, and I still haven't got the crippling pain ive heard so much about. My ear is a bit of a mess because of the dried blood, but Im going to let the 'crust' fall off its self as I don't want to pick at it. Also I seem to be a slow sweller, as it's only just swelled up, but it hasn't too much.

I got it on my left side, not because I sleep on my right or anything, but it's the ear that is seen most and I don't have a particular side I use more than the other.

I got some great looks from some of the kids and older people as I walked round, and my mom's friend nearly screamed, it was hilarious.

So my experience so far has been an awesome one, Im going to keep to the after care strictly and Im looking forward to getting more piercings.

Im not going to say everyone should get this piercing, as it's not for everyone, but if you are thinking of getting it done, then at least go talk to the piercer.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Anna
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