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my ears can handle more metal than i thought they could...

I have the smallest ears that you have probably ever seen. I think that they haven't grown with the rest of my body since I was six years old. Honestly.
I got my first lobe holes gunned at claire's when I was nine. Then I got bored and did my own second holes earlier this year. I started gauging them at around the same time. Now my ears are six, and that happened about a day before I got my rook. I wasn't sure that I wanted a rook at all. At first I wanted both a rook and a snug in the same ear and an industrial in the left, but the more I looked at my ear, the more I thought a rook wouldn't look good.
I really, really wanted a piercing that day, and my piercing buddy couldn't come because her mom couldn't come down to sign the forms since she's underage, so I'd pretty much given up hope. We were going to get our rooks done together, but since I thought it would look bad, I was going to get a snug instead. But I was sitting with my twin, and I decided that I wanted to go. And since the shop I felt like going to that day only uses 18 gauge cbrs, and I wanted a curved barbell for my snug, I decided to get my rook. We went in, and amen was nowhere to be found. We looked around the shop, and still no one. At all. We started to walk out, very disappointed, and he came running through the back door. I told he I wanted my rook and he told me how much it would be and said he'd go set up. I go in there so often that he doesn't even do paper work on me anymore, so it went pretty quickly.
He called me in when he was ready and I went and sat on the bench. I put my hair up, and he marked my ear. Twinie came over to hold my hand when I realized that even the receiving tube against my skin hurt. He lined up the needle and pushed. I squeezed twinies hand until she was saying ow and I whispered fuck. I've never said anything during a piercing before and it made Amen laugh.
It was pretty slow because it was such a tight fit in my ear. I warned him of my tiny ears, and he said it'd be okay because I have such a good rook, and he really wanted to stab it. :] He got the needle through, corked it, and threaded through the cbr. That hurt all over again, but I didn't say anything this time. He had alot of trouble getting the ball on the cbr. It took about ten minutes of my ear bending in an uncomfortable way, but then I heard the click, and I was done. I paid and tipped him, and then left. It didn't hurt too bad after, and I cleaned it every day and was so happy, two days later, I just had to have the other one. I went and found my piercing buddy, who's mom was maybe going to be able to come sign for her to do hers. We went back to apex and stood outside smoking while she called her mom, who ended up not being able to, again. I was a little apprehensive about the second one since I remembered the first one hurting so much, but I walk up the stair and simply told amen I was feeling lopsided. He just laughed and said that he'd wondered when I'd be back to fix that.
He went and set up again, and we went through the whole procedure once more. This time, I didn't squeeze so hard anyone said ow, and I didn't utter profanities, simply because it didn't hurt as much. I guess my brain exaggerated the pain from the first so I thought it hurt more. But obviously, it did hurt.
The ball for the cbr took twice as long as the first time, but it eventually went on. We paid and left, and that was that. Now it's been about a week, and the first one still hurts like hell. The second one is doing just fine and feels really nice, but the second one aches and is just plain uncomfortable. I'm going to go back in a few days and make sure that I'm not getting a keloid or anything like that. They look awesome in my tiny ears. I thought they would look bad, and I was so wrong. Eventually, I'm still going to get the snug in my right ear, and probably both traguses, but I'll wait a little bit at least. But if you're thinking of getting a rook, just do it. It's so worth it. :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: amen
Studio: apex
Location: grand+junction%2C+co

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