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My Dermal Adventure

Hey all, so this is my grand dermal punch adventure: So, I have wanted to gauge my ears for a great while, but I have never had the intestinal fortitude to do so until recently. I don't know why I never did it seeing as how I have a septum piercing and a body covered in traditional tattoos. I have always admired people with gauges and always wanted a pair of my own. So two days ago I finally built up my courage to take the plunge into the wide world of gauging. I just thought I would share my experience and by no way am I promoting dermal punching, just giving some insight on the matter.

So two days ago I walked into the local tattoo/piercing parlor, that a couple of my friends worked at. After a long discussion regarding the benefits of stretching as opposed to dermal punching,(which are numerous) I relayed the fact that it is winter time in Arizona and my line of work frowns upon ear gauging. But being my sly self I figure I can hide them under a beanie and let them heal up. Then when it hits spring I can simply take them out when I'm at work or just wear flesh colored hiders. So I finally made the decision to have my lobes dermal punched, then tapered directly to a zero gauge. The piercer still frowned on my decision but in the end agreed to do the piercing.

As piercer began to set up her station,I began to get the jitters. As I heard punching your ears out was somewhat painful. She properly sanitized her work station and placed all her tools out on the station and showed me what she was going to use to gauge my ears. She then sanitized my ears then went to work. Basically what she did was take what looked like a tiny cookie cutter, (the punch which was 5mm) placed dye on the tip of it to mark on my ear where the piercing would be placed. After checking out the placement in a mirror I gave her the go ahead. She then had me lay down on the table and re-sanitized my ears. She then put a cork up to the back of my ear and shoved the punch through my ear. The pain of this process was not as excruciating as I thought it would be.When the punch went through my ear lobe there was a great deal of pressure and a slight burning sensation, followed by a little pain. The piercer then took the taper lubed it up and put it through the punched l obe and stretched it to a 0g. When she inserted the taper there was another slight burning sensation, then I felt the taper give as it slid through the rest of my ear. After that she inserted the jewelry which was your standard surgical steel single flare tube. She then cleaned the blood from my ear lobe, which when you get dermal punched you tend to bleed allot. Shortly there after my ear began to swell a little bit.As soon as the tube was in the fresh piercing a great deal of the bleeding subsided. She then repeated the process for the other ear, with a little trouble of putting in the tube, but with a little persuasion it went through. After cleaning up the residual blood and talking about after care procedures I was good to go. I stood up and admired my new gauges. I then purchased some saline solution to clean my ears. I personally recommend H2Ocean, as I had no trouble in healing my septum when I used it last.

A word to the wise though: Dermal Punching means you will never be able to regrow the tissue that was taken out. (so I'm told) You will also have a hell of a time stretching if you are trying to go super huge on your gauges. My plans are to stretch only to 9/16 at max, so I felt that punching was the right choice for me. Another thing to consider is trying to find a place that will do soft tissue punching (lobes) as I have found out allot of parlors wont do it these days. As I said before the best way to gauge your ears is to do the slow process of stretching, so if you do at some point decide to go to a large gauge you wont have as many problems because you will have more skin to work with, and you will have a easier time with healing your ears. Also please consider your options when it comes to body mods, do all the research first then make an educated choice from there. Find a place that exceeds health codes and be comfortable with your piercer.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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