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My bad earlobe stretching experience.

A little more than a half a year ago, I started playing music with some dudes who had there lobes stretched. One was at a 00 the other was at 1/2in. These body mods really stood out to me and I thought they look really awesome. So I decided to make my earlobe stretching my 'project'. I didn't even have my ears pierced and my parents were against any kind of piercing, tattoos, etc. So my great idea was to pierce them myself one weekend when I was at a friends house. My weapon of choice was a pair of safety pins about the size of a 16g needle. After letting them sit in alcohol for about a half an hour, I jammed the things in my ear, feeling almost no pain until the end, when I couldn't get through the back on my lobe. I pushed really hard and it finally popped through. Looking red and irritated, I was satisfied... and continued on to the next ear.

Later that weekend, I went home to take some beef from my parents. It wasn't so bad, but the first thing my Dad said was "No stretching your damn ears boy." of course I promised I wouldn't, but I knew I was lying. I replaced the safety pins with a pair of cheap normal sized studs that my mom had in he jewelry box. I left those in for about 3 weeks. After a trip to the mall one weekend I went to hot topic, and bought an over priced shitty pair of 14g circular barbells. I went straight to the restrooms in the mall, and stuck them in, only experiencing a tiny pain, though it was fairly easy. Over a course of about 3 more weeks, the stupid screw on balls kept falling of the piercing. After I had lost one of the earrings (it fell out), I went to the same shitty store to buy another pair of earrings. With my previous experience of using bad earrings, I decided to buy a pair of 10g plug/pinchers. Those slipped in with a little more pain then last time, still I was satisfie d. After about a week or so, I heard of a stretching technique call taping. I didn't have any Teflon or bondage tape, so I went to Wal-mart and bought a pack of water resistance plastic tape. Looked like electrical tape. This tape sucked nuts and hurt when I tried to slip the plug in. I got about 4 layers bigger 2 days later. Bad idea. It wouldn't go in and it made my lobes super sore. I decided to ditch the tape, it only contributed to my problems.

Over a few weeks, my earlobes started to get sore, and they looked puffy red, with a dark circle around the holes. Something couldn't be right. But I ignored the possible infection or rip. A couple weeks later a girl gave me her 8g tapered plugs. Those went in perfect with no pain at all. A couple of days later I got a little pimple like thing on the bottom of my earlobe that was sore to the touch, worried it was a keloid. About 2 weeks later I was getting impatient and decided I could skip a size and get away with it. Big mistake. I went to Hot topic and but a pair of 4g plug/pinchers. I waited to get to my friends house, took a shower, and tried to put these babies in. Haha, yeah right. The pain was immense. I didn't listen to my body at all and kept pushing. I finally got it in it with heavy pain. I did the other ear too, that hurt like a bitch also. I left them in for about 4 weeks. I started to feel itching and see ruff, dry, cracked looking circles aroun d my holes. I knew this was bad. I also had small ruff bumps on the back on my ear. A keloid maybe?

Well here I am now. I took these 4g's out yesterday. Im leaving them out, and im going to try to let my lobes heal as much as possible, and re stretch the right way. I still don't know whats going on, but i know its not good. I will do some more research and let my lobes heal up. So all in all, I learned that I should have patience stretching my earlobes in the future. The consequences are shitty, and now I'm really worried about my ears. For now, I'm going to regularly put Jergen's healing lotion for dry skin (contains some vitamin e) around the holes. The next time I try to stretch, I'm using tapers for sure, and next skipping sizes. Email me if have questions or any suggestions for me please.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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