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Learning the hard way about stretching slowly...

So last year I was visiting my mom for Christmas. I told her that I for one of my presents I wanted to get my other industrial done. So she took me to the Renegade in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Needless to say, it was extremely painful and I blacked out a little bit, but I was content and it looked great.

I walked up to the counter, and was fancying these bright pink silicone plugs. They were the only ones in that color, but they obviously were not my size. I was currently at 00, and these plugs were 3/4". Being young and dumb and knowing that I'd gotten away before with stretching my ears way to fast, i bought them.

So I got home and sat down in a chair in front of a mirror, and folded the plugs up and popped them in my ears. It really didnt hurt that bad, it was just a familiar tingly/burning sensation. It was kindof nice. I was content with my matching industrials and bright pink plugs. That night I went to bed happy as could be.

The next morning I woke up, and my first though was my ears. I proceeded to step out of the bed, and turned my head to look at the clock when...OH MY GOD. I couldnt turn my head. my glands had swollen to the size of golf balls.

I got out of bed and rushed to the bathroom mirror to see two bright red, puffy ear lobes. I asked my mom to call her friend who was a local tattoo artist in Torrington. He said that his girlfriend had done something similar and to soke them in shot glasses filled with warm water and sea salts. So I did and it felt pretty good on my sore lobes.

But that was not the cure.

For the next two weeks, up until I had flown back to my dads house in Washington state, I repeated the procedure twice a day everyday. They were starting to heal. I arrived in Seattle and my dad had told me we were going to stay the night there and take the ferry in the morning because he was to tired to drive home. I figured that one day without soaking my ears wouldnt hurt.

The next day we drove home and I began to notice the same sharp pains I had the morning after putting the plugs in. I didnt look at them because I thought they were just plain irritated, so I ignored it.

When I finally looked at my ears when I got home, I was mortified. If i lifted up a tiny itty bitty corner of the plug from my ear, bright green and yellow puss flowed from my ear. Literally flowing. My glands were starting to swell again and for the next few days I soaked and soaked and it did nothing.

I ended having to go to the doctor and was diagnosed with a severe cellulitus infection, which is caused by severe trauma to an area. I had no choice but to take them out

I couldnt just pop these out, oh no. The pain just by touching them was enough to make my eyes tear up and I was also kindof depressed from the loss. I took some finger nail clippers and clipped off the outside rim of the plugs. I seemed as if I could have just slided them out after that, as there was nothing holding them in. But apparently they were kindof fused to my ear and I the pain from pulling on them made me scream. Id never seen stars from pain before ever, but that night, I did.

I asked my dad to just rip the fuckers out, and he did. I passed out. I woke up and I was still in a great deal of pain. he gave me a vicadin, which helped me sleep. eventually my ears healed, but they were all shrivelly and resembled a cat butt.

I thought I'd never be able to stretch my ears again, but after healing, i was able to put in some 2's. For the next year, I slowly guaged them up, like i should have, and I'm now at 5/8's. My left ear has a horrible thin spot though, and I'm scared that someday it'll rip, but my other ear is perfect. I still have my industrials, which turned out beautifully. About a month ago I got my nostril and I'm looking forward to getting two monroes soon.

So what did I learn? That I am not my body, and by mutilating it for my own pleasure probably isn;t the best idea. I've developed a deeper respect for my body and for body modifications. I'll never ever make that mistake again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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