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Hardships of life and stretching to 7/8ths in 6months.

 Once upon a time I was a young lad growing up in a seaming less normal world, where things out of the ordinary stunned me, but made me smile at the same time. Growing up as a teenager in this society I never had the luxury of seeing stretched lobes up close and personal. The closest I came was the always amazing videos about different world cultures. To many these videos were filled with taboo, but I embraced them with respect for their own culture differences, and own interpretation of bodily acceptance. I finally began seeing more people with gauges of different sizes once I became accustomed with the amazing music scene here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was around the 8th grade, but the ice still hadn't been broken, it was still a less common site, and I never saw it in my so called normal life. The years passed, and the majority of body mods were tattoo's and lip piercings, one day however I met a girl on MySpace who had amazing lobes, I believe they were 1in1/8t

hs. We talked for a few days, and finally met at a show, immediately we became close, and started dating soon after. The day came when she met my mother, who actually liked her quite a bit, but was not excited about her ears what so ever. She was a pretty cool girl, but not much lasts at that age, so we eventually parted. But I now had a new found look at the world. Gauges suddenly became noticeable and I respected people greatly with the attitude to do it.

 2008, I was a struggling teen like many others, undergoing hardships, family drama, and a few slips with the law. At the time I only had pierced lobes that were 16's and I was pretty confident of staying at that point. Eventually however, after a crazy summer of concerts, family feuds, and ultimately a few events that placed me in juvenile jail; I was ready to expand my look and perspectives of the future.   

 June of 08, I was in a shelter as I wasn't wanted at home anymore, which was understandable by my stupid past actions. It was a different environment indeed, being the only white kid, and having a completely different outlook on the world, ranging from my vegetarianism, social outlooks, and at the time one very political tattoo. But I grew accustomed to the place, and became close friends with many of the kids, finally getting a hold of 10gauge tapers from one of them, and easily sliding them through my ears. The satisfaction of achieving something was unbearable, the way I had changed something on my body without flaunting off clothes and so forth. Eventually in July I was back home, and getting along better with the family, and I had even gotten a hold of my Ex from

the year prior. I had missed her, as I had never really stopped Liking her as a friend. Then one day, we got together, and had a pleasant day driving around and going to the local flea market, where I bought a pair of 4 and double zero gauges which was my motivation for later. However I quickly learned the reality of the pain skipping sizes brought, as I slowly pushed them through my ears which took me about 5-10minutes each. But the end result brought more satisfaction as I finally had so called gauges. The entire day was better from there, even though my ears stung and my mom complained about them later.

 About two weeks later, I got inpatient with the small size, so I met a girl at the mall I had been talking to for awhile online and purchased a pair of cheap 2gauge tapers and zero tapers. Outside she slid the 2's quickly through my ears which barely brought any new effect, as I later learned that the amazing cheap flea market 4's were

really 2's. So then we decided to try the zeros which weren't that fun, as she basically shoved them through without hesitation. Again as before though, I was completely happy, ignoring the stinging, and nagging from the parental. The next day however brought me a new experience, and that was the effects of stretching quickly, as my ears were sore, and casted with dried blood. I had no problem though caring for them, doing sea salt soaks, and basically making sure they were clean 24/7. About 3 weeks passed, and once again I gut urges to stretch again, so I took the night and dedicated it to moving up to the double zero tapers that were once huge to me. Yes they didn't feel amazing, as I should of waited like before, but they presented a lovely look which I enjoyed greatly, even though I hated how long they were, and was stupid at not buying proper jewelry, due to my unemployment at the time.

 I actually waited about a month this time, before I decided to bum some glass 7/16 tapers from my mall friend who herself sported 3/4s. They weren't that bad, as I waited a little more than usual. I always made funny faces though when I got them all the way through, which made me run around the bath room clenching my head and wanting to hit things with my fists. (Clearly a note that I should have waited even more) I enjoyed this size so much as it was finally noticeable by my peers once school started. But I wanted more, and the shock factor to some people enlightened me. In my possession now was a pair of silicone 5/8ths which made me so excited for the future. Yes this was one of the dumbest decisions I could ever make, but I went for it. All I can really remember of that day is pain, as I folded the gauge and got it to barely fit into my ear, resulting in a harsh stretch which finally produced a very visible hole. I was so delighted even though I wanted to scream from

the pain. My right ear was even worse; I couldn't get the folded silicone to fit, so I had to get my friend to place it in my ear, which ended in a bloody stretched purple ear. I had skipped two sizes and it felt good and very bad. I loved how I looked, even though my ears were puffy, but I hated the stinging, as it was so much worse than before. And the following day was depressing in my eyes as I had very crusty blood ears, which oozed puss and hurt when I touched them, they hurt when I touched my neck, and I got headaches and couldn't sleep for about 2-3 days. Yes this had been a very bad plan of action. But I finally discovered Dial soap, and about two weeks later, they were disinfected, healing nicely, and making me happy once more. I finally had real gauges, and nothing could bring me down, my mom stopped caring all together, and "accepted" it.

 This is the part of the story which isn't supposed to happen in normality but happened anyway as I don't think there is a universal "norm". September 12th marked my 18th birthday, and the past two weeks I had been back at the shelter, as the family setting had degraded once more. Finally however I got accepted into an independent living program for teens, which brought about a cheap

apartment in the ghetto, but it was my new home. And I loved it (past tense loved, now is a different story). Let's skip ahead a few months again, and I end up back in jail, as I have always found ways to make money, which haven't been very ethical or law abiding. I was so depressed, losing almost everything due to a stupid choice of thought and action. I almost lost my stretched lobes in jail but I kept them open with papers, and the day I got out, my silicone plugs easily popped back in. My family was barely in my life now, I had barely kept my job, I had no money after having my apartment robbed and having to rescue my car from the impound lot. The only thing I had was the clothes on my back, basically an empty apartment, and the plugs in my ears. So I decided to stretch once more. The times before it had been my therapy, a way I could see how my body reacted in pain and time, a way I could see a new way of life, where people judged me quickly and gave me meaningless titles. Perhaps I had a problem, or even have a problem, as I ended up skipping 3/4ths as I had nothing of that size in my possession, and went right to 7/8th's using silicone plugs. It was a lot easier than before, and I even embraced the pain this time. It got my mind off legal issues, and to the issues of how I can heal my ears and get them on the right path of healing again.

 And now here I am, writing this amazing paper in my eyes, which distracted me from my boiling water in the kitchen, which boiled for an hour, and filled my entire apartment with smoke and left a burnt pan with no water. My ears are almost completely healed now and I am pretty confident this is the size I am staying at. I love the jeers I get from people, and small talk from strangers about the time it took me, and pain factor. Yes I got to 7/8th's in about 6months which is

not how you should stretch what so ever. But I have learned from it, mentally, and physically, they look amazing, but when I have my plugs out I can see the scarring and the thinness of my lobes, I can go no bigger unless this Vitamin E oil somehow rejuvenates my ears and gives them a new coat of skin! (Yeah right) My life is getting on track, and in a way I can look at my ears daily and be reminded of the entire time period in which they started evolving. Love life, and be thankful of when things are positive. Learn from your body, listen to your body, and evolve from your body.

FillipK. today


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on: 21 Dec. 2008
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