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Finally...my daith!

I am going to preface this experience by saying that my daith is absolutely, totally, amazingly, wonderfully PERFECT.

The day after my eighteenth birthday (which is 11/20) I went to Flaming Dragon Tattoo in Tacoma, Washington (the 38th street location) as I had decided I wanted to celebrate my new independence with a piercing. I had been in the shop previously that week to get my rook jewelry changed (now it is an adorably 1/4" 16g CBR) so Chris, the piercer, who was standing outside the shop when I arrived, greeted me right away. I told him that I wanted to get pierced but I did not know what I wanted. I was considering a tragus piercing on my right ear (the same ear as my rook) or a daith piercing on my left ear. After some discussion about pain levels and whatnot, I decided on the daith. I made this decision ultimately because I wanted to even out my ears little bit.

Chris led me into the back of the studio, which is where the piercing room is located. We walked past the two tattoo chairs (one of which I knew I would be in after a week's time--as of yesterday I have a new tattoo to show for it) and a large mirror and then turned into the room. He instructed me to get onto the padded, medical-ish bench that was against the wall and I did so...though somewhat reluctantly. I admit I was kind of nervous because of the painful experience I went through with my rook piercing, but I was NOT going to back out. I wanted my daith done too much to do that! Chris spent time getting everything set up.

To get an idea of placement, Chris took the little CBR out of its packaging and maneuvered it into my ear so I could get an idea of what it would look like. He then led me out the door to look in the giant mirror on the wall. It looked perfect! We went back into the room and Chris put the clamps onto my daith and I must say that was somewhat uncomfortable. As all of my other piercings were done freehand, I had never experienced clamps before. I do feel, however, that they kind of lessened the pain of the actual piercing. Chris got the needle ready and instructed me to take a few deep breaths and he popped the needle through when I exhaled. Now, it did not hurt as bad as my rook. It was close, but it did not take the cake. I am sure that I made some awesome faces, though, when the needle was popped through! The piercing process itself was more uncomfortable than anything else. After the needle was through, Chris inserted the jewelry. This was also uncomfortable, but not bad at all. After a few minutes fumbling, he finally got the tiny little bead in and he took me out to the mirror to see it.



IT LOOKED SO GOOD! Chris took me back into the room where I had been pierced and made sure that the daith was perfect (trust me -- it definitely was) and he also handed me a sheet of paper with care instructions. He explained to me the after-care and healing time of the piercing. I told him how I normally clean my piercings (unscented anti-bacterial soap and a Q-Tip and then rinsed with saline wound wash twice daily) and he said that it was perfect. After everything was sufficiently explained, he led me out to the front again. I had to stop and look in the mirror again. The times before he had me look into the mirror he had given me a hand mirror so I could see my daith fully, but when I look in a mirror without a hand mirror, I can only see a glint of silver in my left ear...I love it!

It is the cutest little thing ever. It only really hurt the third day after I got it pierced. I clean it twice a day with antibacterial soap and saline wound wash. It is barely even sore and it has only been about a week! It is still pretty swollen, though. My rook was swollen forever, so I know that it will eventually go down. I cannot be happier with the whole experience. Chris pierced my daith perfectly -- it is in the perfect spot and it looks absolutely adorable. It hardly hurt and he was quick and efficient. I would do it again in a heartbeat! All in all, I definitely recommend that everyone who wants a daith piercing should get it done. Honestly, the pain during the procedure is totally worth every bit of it! My ear looks absolutely gorgeous and it was the greatest little addition to my growing collection of mods.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Chris
Studio: Flaming+Dragon
Location: Tacoma%2C+WA

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