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DIY Piercing and My (Bloody) Stetching Experience

The History

Well, to start off, I had never had a piercing up until early October. I'm only 16, and I had to convince my mom to get my ears pierced. She kept putting it off, so I resorted to doing it myself. I always had stretching in mind, even before I pierced my ears. So one Tuesday afternoon, I got home from school, grabbed my hollow 14 gauge surgical needle, and did it. I should mention that sharp pains hurt me a lot. Every story I read on BME, the person always feels no pain. Piercing me hurts, I learned that fast. You can punch me in the face and it would hurt so much less. But I pierced my ears, and in went my new 14g CBRs. It looked great, even, and I loved it. So I was done, for about a month.

The Story

I let my new piercings heal, as best I could. About 2 weeks into healing, they got torn open. So I gave them another week and a half. One day, I was walking through the local mall and I dipped into Hot Topic because I know a lot of the employees. I picked up some 12 gauge tapers. I was a little nervous about stretching because I've never done it before, and I wanted to take it one size at a time. I left the mall, tapers in my pocket, and went with my friends. 

Later that night, it was raining hard, and me and my friends found a dry salvation in a Borders Bookstore. It was about a week ago, and the store was holding a big Twilight meeting, so most of the employees in the store were busy and didn't notice 6 or 7 teenagers just loitering in the isles. I decided I wanted to stretch my piercings right then and there. My girlfriend at the time offered to do it for me, because I was starting to feel nervous. We walked with my friend Matt over to the bathrooms.

Show Time

She took the tapers out of the package and put them under water from the water fountain. It was the best lube we had at the time. She took the ball off the 14g CBRs and turned them until they were about to come out. She butted the end of the taper against the end of the CBRs and told me she was going to push it through. She has 0 tunnels, and I know she knew what she was doing. She did my right ear first, and pushed it through. I grabbed Matt's hand, and I swear I squeezed pretty hard. It was just like getting it repierced. She finished the right, and proceeded to the left. She did the same thing, it burned and stung. I must have broken Matt's hand. I knew it wasn't supposed to hurt, but I tried not to worry about it. She told me my left ear bled a little. From there, I asked her to place all 8 O rings on the tapers, two on each side of my ear on each taper. I wanted to make sure they wouldn't fall out, they were very small tapers. This proved to be a bad idea, a very

bad idea.

The Blood

They swelled up the first day, and I figured they would. I went to school the next day, and they hurt. They hurt so badly. I dealt with it and came home. When I got home, later that night, I decided to clean them up and follow my original aftercare routine. There was minimal blood, but a lot of swelling. 

The next day in school, two days after the stretch, it only hurt worse. I was sitting in my math class, and I decided to take off the second set of O rings and release some of the pressure on my ears. So I did, and I put the 8 O rings in my pocket. I noticed a little blood on my finger, no big deal. About a minute later, my friend in the class turns to me and says "Dude, you're bleeding," and he had the strangest expression. I looked down at my paper and saw a little stream of blood pouring from my ear onto my homework. Naturally, I flipped. I went to the bathroom. I was bleeding everywhere out of my left ear. I cleaned it off and looked in the mirror. I saw exactly what happened. The pressure of the two O rings on each side left no room for swelling. The hold swelled over the inside set of O rings. I left one on the front and one on the back of each side, like normal, and went back to class. I continued my aftercare for the next 2 days. Then I got risky.

4 Days Later: 10g

I had bought 10g tapers for whenever I was ready, because I had money at the time. 4 days after I went to a 12g and when through that pain and bled, I decided I wanted to just go to a 10g. My rationale was that the O rings went into the hole, and they further stretched the piercing. I was really hoping that's how it would be, and to avoid going backwards, just move up a step. So I took a shower, massaged my ear with vitamin E and mentally prepared. I figured worst case would be just like the 12g stretch, except I'd be doing it to myself, so I could take as much time as I wanted. I got out of the shower, opened up the package, and got ready. 

I had no idea what to expect as I removed the O rings from the 12g taper and lubed the 10g taper with hand soap. I pushed the end of the 10g taper up against the 12g one on my left ear. I started to push until the tip of the 10g taper came out the back of the hole, and the 12g taper fell out. I pushed it slowly. There was a little pinch, it was in. I was astonished. It hurt so much less. How could it be possible? I had no idea, so I proceeded to do the same to my left ear. Though it hurt a little more because it probably wasn't completely healed, it was almost virtually painless. There was no swelling, and no bleeding, and just a little tenderness the next day or so. I went to bed a happy boy.


I'm not sure what happened with my first stretch that caused so much pain and bleeding. And I definitely don't recommend waiting 4 days between sizes, especially when bleeding is involved. However small the size may be, it's still not good for your ear, and it still does hurt. I don't recommend the Morbid Metals tapers from Hot Topic. They're very small, less then 1" long, and provide for a very traumatic stretch. I've since bought 1 ½" long tapers from a website online and I like them a lot more. They're still a 10g; I bought them because they're longer and have a much smaller chance of falling out. But they are wonderful. I plan to buy my next set from there. 

But that's my story; I plan to go down to ½" by the summer, although you never know what can happen. Happy stretching to everyone, and be safe.


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on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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