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Diary of an Anti-tragus

31st March 2007

I'm not 100% on how the actual piercing was done, this is the first needle piercing that I've gone in for all by myself, with no one to hold my hand.So I was more interested with not passing out.

Day 1

Holy Crap! It feels like my entire ear has been pierced.....it aches on the front, it hurts on the back, it canes up the top, and it's painful down the bottom. I am taking my Advil religiously.....I don't think its helping too much, But on the plus side my ear isn't swollen, just sore. Laughing hurts...so does smiling. Slept quite well, tried to avoid sleeping on my left side but when I did I slept in the crook of my elbow.

Day 2

I soaked it for the first time today.... It felt a fair bit better for roughly 3 seconds afterwards.

Cleaned it 3 times today with ear cleaning solution which was supplied by my piercer. It still hurts like nothing that I have ever felt before. It almost feels as though I got my conch pierced by mistake (I now know that conch piercings don't hurt at all!) Smiling and laughing make me sore. Everything seems to be amusing this week. Advil is my new best friend.

Day 3

It hurts so badly still. It's not swollen but it does look a bit bruised on the back of my ear (no where near my piercing). I took Advil religiously again today. It hurts to smile. No one at work has noticed it yet, so that's good.

Day 4

Once again it still hurts, but nowhere near as much as it did on the weekend. Today it hurts in waves instead of constantly. I'm slowly weaning myself off the Advil, I haven't taken any today and my ear isn't swollen, I had 2 panadol to try and help the pain more....sadly it didn't work. I was pain free for about an hour before going to bed....a sign of things to come I hope.

Day 5

Woke up with a little bit of dried blood attached to the ring. I successfully slammed my head on my pillow while half asleep and was very quickly reminded that I have a new piercing there...I don't recommend doing this.

Soaked and cleaned as usual. Haven't taken any sort of pain relief today. It itches like nothing I've felt before....and I can't touch it, I'm either ignoring the itchiness or scratching my opposite ear, it seems to help.

Day 11

There was a bit of itchiness over the weekend, again it drove me crazy....it still is. The last week hasn't been too bad in terms of sleeping, I've kind of got into the routine that as soon as I roll to my left side, my arm goes up so I can rest my ear in the crook of my elbow. Very little to no pain for the last 3 or 4 days, it's more itchy than anything.

Week 6

The swelling has completely gone now...I can sleep on it if I need too (what a relief I don't think I can take sleeping on my back anymore!), I just fluff up my pillow and then make a dent where my ear needs to go.

The past few weeks have just been itchy, not really sore or anything. I've dropped the cleaning back to just soaking any gunk off in the shower, and then cleaning it with ear care solution once a day.

I've had a few teens comment on how cool it looks and how they want one soooo badly, I also had an elderly lady concerned that I was going to give her an odd piercing (I work in a pharmacy), and I was called a nutcase by a few friends. So far I have only seen 1 other person with an anti-tragus, in all my 20 years on this earth...1 person!

7 Months

It is now completely pain free. I can sleep on it provided I fluff my pillow just right. Around the 6 month mark I developed a small pink bump on the front hole of my anti-tragus, but this went away as soon as I got my inner conch pierced for some unknown reason.

Tonight my grandma was so intrigued by my new piercings that she grabbed at them to see where they all went to. People grabbing at fresh piercings is never a fun experience.

One year and 8 months

I still have a bit of a bump on it. It comes and goes as it pleases. Other than that it is doing pretty good.

I know that it is a fussy piercing and a nuisance to try and heal. Hopefully one day we can live in harmony with no ugly bumps or crusty bits.

It is possible that healing would have been easier and more straight forward with a barbell instead of a ring.


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on: 21 Dec. 2008
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