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Dermal punched earlobes.

My ear lobes were pierced initially when I was a year old at a department store with a piercing gun. My right ear was pierced in a much lower position than my left ear because after the first earring went through, I apparently did not sit still for the second one (as I was screaming and crying from the pain of the first ear), and whoever performed the procedure missed the mark as a result.

Fast forward about fourteen years later, when I was a sophomore in high school (2004), I stretched my ear lobe piercings to 12ga. They remained somewhere between 14ga and 12ga for the four years after that fact, which was until early this year (2008). After having done research and realizing that I had stretched my ears improperly in the past, I decided that I would proceed to stretch, but this time the right way.

By October I had reached 6ga, and it became more and more obvious that my ear piercings were uneven. It bothered me greatly and I realized that my only options to correct this issue were either to get my ear lobes scalpelled, or dermal punched.

During October I found out that Brian Decker of Pure Body Arts in New York would be working at a shop just south of Chicago for a week in November. Upon reading this news I e-mailed him in hopes of getting an appointment to finally get my ears corrected. I have seen a lot of the scalpelling work that he has done, and I knew that I would be comfortable having him do an advanced procedure for me. I luckily got an appointment, and was told to let my ears downsize as much as they could before coming in, as that way my thinner ear would be able to thicken up a bit.

When the day of my appointment arrived, I was a little nervous but also very excited that I would finally fix something that bothered me for as long as I had my ears pierced. It was decided that we would do a punch and then immediately stretch to 2ga (my current 'goal' size), as scalpelling would cause my ears to self-stretch, and I do not wish to stretch further than 00ga at the most in the future.

The procedure was so much easier than I would have ever imagined. Talking with Brian beforehand and during put me greatly at ease, so I did not have any kind of butterflies or nervousness. The actual procedure went as follows: punch, taper to 2ga, and then jewelry insertion. Unlike most of the post-procedural photos I have seen, I did not have any bleeding. My ears bled after the punch, but after the stretch and jewelry insertion, Brian mentioned that he would be putting the o-rings on tightly to combat the bleeding. This worked wonders. I saw no blood afterward, and Brian told me that once I was back home and getting ready for bed, I could loosen the o-rings. When I did that my ears were completely fine.

I know a lot of you reading are wondering about this, so here you go: as for the pain factor of the procedure, I can honestly say that it hurt a lot less than any of the needle piercings (ear lobes, helix, tragus, navel, tongue) I have ever gotten. It felt like a slight pinch and nothing more. The stretches to 2ga hurt more than the actual punches did, which I think says a lot.

In two days will be the two week mark of my healing period, and it has been a breeze so far. I had no problems sleeping on my ears the first night, although I was very careful not to put pressure on my lobes just in case (I definitely did not want to wake up with blood on my pillow!). The next day my ears were swollen and felt a bit tender, but were not in pain and did not have any bruising. In the days after, the swelling disappeared and the tenderness went away. Today it feels like it has been months since the procedure, rather than a couple of weeks. My ears feel great, and I am glad that we went the dermal punch route. It was a much more practical option for my purposes, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn't wish to stretch very large, but has issues with their piercings' placement or existing scar tissue.

Something else that is noteworthy: for my healing I am using glass color fronts, and I definitely recommend using glass for healing as well. The glass is far more comfortable than steel or titanium, and it has not given me any kind of complications like steel and titanium have in the past.

All in all, if you are considering a dermal punch, definitely go for it. They are well worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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